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Cheat Protection Advice Needed

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Just been playing on my friends server when a group of randomers come on.

In less than 10 minutes, the map is covered in lava, our fuel storage destroyed.

It seemed every time they spawned, they would spawn in Quantum armour and EE Items (allowing them to spawn lava into protected areas).

They were also flying.

Wouldnt surprise me if they had Xray as well.

In a few weeks, we may be starting an ambitious tekkit server project, but before we try, we need to make sure we can safeguard against such threats. The server, if it goes ahead, will orientate around slow progress and longevity in gameplay.

Is there a way to stop people spawning with items? Ive searched around but cant find anything on the problem?

Is there a way to block fly mod, without ruining some of the EE items?

Is there a way to enforce default texturepack OR at least whitelist certain ones as to block out cheat packs?

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If it was a group like you described, then it's probably one of those groups with many hacks in their clients. At least get the MCBans plugin for next time and ban them immediately. Most of the time they'll return with different accounts and don't care at all. I recommend just to whitelist your server. It maybe sucks, but it's better than being griefed like Hell isn't it? For protection plugins, search around on this forum for tips and on BukkitDev (Google it) for the plugins themself.

Good luck.

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As for the spawning items thing, simply delete


out of your server and see if that helps.


At least get the MCBans plugin for next time and ban them immediately.

I am am compltetley against MCBans and the people in charge of it. It's your server, of course, but MCBans is not the answer.

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Grey listing (meaning players can log in to be promoted but cannot destroy anything right away) your server with PermissionsEx/Modifyworld (or whatever permissions plugin floats your boat) is one of the better routes to take to protect your server from people logging on and griefing.

You can also get a logging plugin that will allow you to rollback griefing done by players for example LogBlock.

and what a shady few they are.

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