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  3. So, its a modpack, not a launcher. Like, what modpack?
  4. Please include your log. Use ubuntu pastebin for it.
  5. I have made a modpack. Everything works fine except for the installing process. It installs until it reaches %22 and than magically it resets the whole process and says install again. please help.
  6. Its still not loading any mods for me... I have updated Java and I have set 5gb of ram
  7. Today I downloaded Tekkit Legends and created a new world, but minutes after, any blocks I broke didn't give me the resourse. Just like when you have net lag, but I don't think it is.
  8. Hello there! I am requesting to be unbanned from the Technic Discord. I am confused as to why I was banned in the first place as I don't recall even joining the Discord. If this could be made clear to me that would be great. Thank you and have a great day! Discord Username: Lordfulger#1238
  9. Started up to main menu just fine for me.
  10. I downloaded Shivaxi's RLcraft, and it was working just fine. All of a sudden, the FPS dropped to zero, and it's now impossible to play because of how laggy it is. I've already tried several things to fix it, none of which worked.
  11. I tried this, but now it will just say mojang, and won't even start the loading process.
  12. how do i download the .jar version i have the .exe version but i need the .jar
  13. I've made my own modpack but when I download it through the launcher, vanilla mincraft opens and does not load any mods. I have made a modpack before and all I did was add a couple new mods and removed some. The pack works on MultiMC, but when I download it from the launcher it does not load in. I have done quite a bit to fix it but I still have not gotten it resolved. Also, I am sorry if this wasnt the right place to post this thread, I couldnt figure out where to post it. Here is my download link from dropbox: Here is the modpack link:
  14. I request that my Technic forum account be deleted.
  15. Like, you run the modpack once, it generates a config folder. You edit the config files that need to be edited, you save them. You now just include the config folder in the
  16. I have played on this server for a while. I highly recommend this server to anyone who enjoys tekkit. The staff and other players are nice. Great server all around. I have also bought a few ranks to support the server Ingame name:Magical_Coww
  17. They're text files. You know how to save a text document, right?
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