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  2. If you can't use more than 3.5 GB, you don't have more than 4 GB total. And you can't really use more than 3 GB in that case anyways, as using more causes issues. You still have normal computer processes which usually take up a single GB of RAM.
  3. Get Java 8, remove Java 9, 10, 11 and/or 12.
  4. Hello, uhm I've been having some trouble with the GB memory thing. I've read some fourms and I did what they said but I can still only use 3.5 GB and I want to use 4+ if you could help me at all with that it would be much appreciated thank you.
  5. Hello, Im currently trying to download technic launcher on my new Mac Book Pro (I had TL on my older one). And whenever I attempt to open the file the java symbol shows up in my dock for a second, then disappears. How can I solve this issue?
  6. okay im trying to sign on your launcher with my minecraft info but it says nope, wtf what im doing wrong for it use that it ask for??
  7. Last week
  8. Heh, I already tried that. However, recently I tried again, and it just worked for some reason, so there's no issue now. Thanks though! Uh, is it possible to delete this post?
  9. So a mod-pack needs more than 1GB of ram so i tryed to install java 64 bit im on windows 10 64 bit. After installing java 64bit the technic launcher wont start but the normal MC launcher starts and works normaly. The only thing that happens after starting the technic launcher an java symbol pops up in my taskbar and than goes away again. Help
  10. I am trying to download Blightfall on my computer but it gets stuck at either 5% or 85%. It is stuck on Anyone know anything about that?
  11. Recently i've been playing Attack of the B-team with my friend on a server, and my game keeps freezing at random points with no reason, my computer most likely isnt the problem as it has a 1060ti graphics card and an amazing CPU, help.
  12. "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" That means you have to allocate more RAM. Launcher Options > Java Settings. And please don't say you got 32-bit java.
  13. Then you do not have 64-bit java installed. You can easily check by opening BLA and typing "java -version". The returned message will contain 64-bit if you have 64-bit installed. Otherwise, you have 32-bit installed. In that case, go to and select the offline 64-bit java. Do not choose the online java download, as that will *always* download 32-bit.
  14. I am trying to run Attack of the B-Team, but every time I try it tells me that I need to allocate more Ram for it. However, it won't even LET me give it more, so why is it even asking? Please help! Oh, and by the way, yes, I have 64-Bit Java installed. It just won't register it.
  15. It was as simple as that. The game closed immediately after the world generated in the Shivaxi RLCraft modpack. The console says, "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError." I have no idea what is happening, I just want to play this modpack but nothing at all is working right anywhere. Your basic answers will probably not solve the issue.
  16. Ok I figured it out, apparently my computer is at fault here. I just had to restart it
  17. So I was playing Hexxit and I left, a little while later I went to get back on to join a server I made to play Hexxit with my friends on, yet when I tried to join it said "Bad Login". Now I don't know what thats about but then I decided to restart Hexxit, but when I tried to start it up it wouldn't work (And no, its not saying anything like minecraft has failed to start up, minecraft doesn't even appear.) So I thought re-installing the modpack would work, but now its not allowing me to install it again, what should I do?
  18. ...The day people stop uploading .rar files when its obvious they need .zip files.
  19. i cant join server in technic launcher it keep saying that it under maintaince pls help
  20. SuperSkullGod

    wont launch

    i tried to download hexxit and it worked but then i go to press play and when i press it it loads the stuff it needs to then when it finishes the loading bar goes away and nothing happens ive tried multiple times ive deleted the pack and reinstalled it but i cant play with it... any help would be great thanks bye edit: i fixed it sorry for wasting your time idk how to delete it but its working
  21. hey i am new at this so i hope i do it right, me and my friend is playing tekkit and just look invetory and we notice that he have 63 sites while i only have 27 (i haven't search on anything) anyone know how to fix it?
  22. Use Java8u51 instead.
  23. I'm having a problem with Sounds.rar being corrupted.. I can't extract from it nor can I open it.. Anyone who might have a fix for this?
  24. Downloading modpacks work fine, however, when I attempt to launch it will get to 'Launching Minecraft Assets' and then the launcher will close and appear again. Logs:
  25. Hopped on your server just now, nobody is on right now, but everything looks pretty cool. I'll try to stick around.
  26. I know this is 5 years old but... I have version 3.1.369 and it doesn't work either
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