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  2. One of my attack of the b-team worlds crashes the game when the world loads. All the other worlds seem to work fine! This is a crash report - crash-2019-04-18_19.53.17-server.txt I'm not sure anyone knows any potential fixes to this, but if you do please let me know!
  3. So i just recently created a custom modpack based off of a guide. As far as i know i did everything correct, but, when i try to launch the modpack the technic launcher goes away, and then pops back up a couple of seconds later without even starting minecraft. modpack: just ignore all the stupid shit, its for a bunch of friends
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  5. If looking for an free solution, use dropbox. You will have to press the share button, then press the Copy Link, which will give you the link to put it on Technicpack. Make sure to change the ?dl=0 to ?dl=1. ?dl=0 DOES NOT WORK.
  6. Je suis un joueur français. J'ai récemment crée un modpack que j'aimerais rendre publique. J'ai donc essayé plusieurs liens de téléchargement avec, Médiafire, Google Drive, DropBox (version gratuite) mais aucun de ces liens que j'ai pu avoir, n'a pas fonctionné. A chaque essai de téléchargement de mon module j'ai reçu le message d'erreur suivant : Échec de téléchargement du suivi du lien de téléchargement. Je ne comprends pas comment faire, aidez-moi s'il vous plait.
  7. I recently got a new computer and downloaded Technic on it, no Modpacks will work they install just fine, but when i hit the play it either Loads then the launcher disappears and than reopens after a few mins or Starts up Minecrafft and lodes a little but crashes with no error each time, i dont think its anything with java as i installed the one recommended by multiple staff members, please help.
  8. I recently got a new computer and downloaded Technic on it and i installed a modpacked it installed fine, When i click play the launcher disappears and than the launcher reopens with no error telling me why the game didnt open, i have my ram on 2gb and it still didnt work so i upgraded it to 7gb ram and it still isnt working please help!! i have tried 12 different modpacks and they wont work!
  9. Thankyou so much JaariAtmc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has worked successfully and I can now open my technic launcher!!!
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  11. Thanks for the help!
  12. tell my if it works plz because last time i did something like that it went wrong
  13. Hi, Okay. The modpack has a moderator named CT_Nicolas, I would like to transfer him if possible. Modpack : Thank you for your time 😃 Luna
  14. I have to check that with the staff when they get online. I'm unclear on how far an admin powers can go when it comes to 2fa-locked accounts and modpack transfers.
  15. Download java with 64-bit, install java. Log out and close Technic launcher. Restart the launcher. It should auto-detect the new java If not, look up Launcher Options button at the upper right corner when you're on the launcher window. it looks like this click the down arrow on the Minecraft Java Version bar to see if you got the Java version with 64-bit installed. - ignore the Java Args, Once 64-bit is selected on the launcher you can change the Memory below between 2 - 6 gb RAM, whichever suits your needs and that can be provided by your computer. Note; if you only have a total of 6gb RAM on your PC, then giving the launcher all 6 will break your game and your PC as you're not giving your own computer any working memory
  16. Hi, Thanks for your help Is it possible to transfer the modpack to a friend and then delete the account to recreate it? Luna
  17. read our Guidelines and edit your title accordingly
  18. read our Server Guidelines and edit your post and title accordingly. You also have a duplicate post in Tekkit Server section. do you have 2 servers or just one? Which one is it?
  19. the 2FA is designed so that only you can access your account. This way, even if someone manages to hack our website and steal passwords, they couldn't take your account because your 2FA protects it. It doesn't matter if you can prove your identity, the admins can't give you the account back because the 2fa prevents them from entering it. Your backup codes was important and your only way in. Your account is lost if you lost the codes. Your only option is to create a new account and forget the old one, unless you can get the backup codes back somehow.
  20. I could've have sworn it had TF... my memory is not what it used to be
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  22. The Tekkit Main server by Craftersland is one of the best Tekkit Main servers out there. With the friendly community, a small number of items that are banned, and nice staff. I have played on the server for about 2 days and it is the perfect tekkit server to enjoy casual Minecraft. IGN: MrSebastianNL
  23. WEll how do we put it in technic launcher because i have 1g with the latest java and it wont let me put in the new java
  24. I keep getting this "An error occur while attempting to reach" I have the latest java downloaded please help
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