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  2. Downgrade java to 8u51/8u25 and try to update your intel drivers with this:
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  4. I tried to open "The 1.12.2" Modpack, and nothing happened. It would just go right back to the launcher without opening anything. Vanilla minecraft works just fine, but heres the crash report. How do I fix this?
  5. trying to play pixelmon reforged with some of my friends and one of them can't start it so i'm posting this for him here's the pastebin edit: another friend having trouble with it, said he got an error installing here's his pastebin too
  6. when i click one modpack for example a pixelmon modpack, it only loades a little while then it dosnt pop out and it turns me back to the technic launcher again, i have the right java and 2gb ram so i dont understand whats happening, can someone pls help me and try to explain?
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  8. i am not new to technic, and i've never had any problems with it in the past. i decided to install it on my new system because blightfall is a good time. however, when i try to open it, the launcher closes like it's going to boot up, and then it doesn't, bringing the launcher back. i have a bug report here if you need it: please help, and thank you
  9. Not that we care anymore now that you decided to necro a thread from 2015.
  10. he is its not working to install techniclauncher it stays on 17% of download and then it stopt i have a other problem my techniclauncher doenst download and it is literally stopping on 17% big problem als o i need help🧐
  11. My fix doesn't change how skins are rendered, it just changes the URL that skins are downloaded from. The way skins actually function in-game will be identical to how skins originally functioned in Minecraft 1.2.5 before the old skin servers were taken down. My skin has always worked fine using this fix, but if there are any bugs affecting how your skin is rendered then it's probably an issue with this version of Minecraft. Unfortunately, any bugs in this version of Minecraft can't be fixed without additional mods since it's nearly 8 years old now. As for the skin not updating instantly in-game, I have no idea why. Old versions of Minecraft had always taken a long time to update skins, but I had assumed that was because the old skin servers were slow. Again, this might just be an issue with the version of Minecraft that Tekkit Classic uses. The Technic Launcher doesn't download skins the same way as the actual game, so if that's taking a while to update it's probably an issue with the Technic Launcher itself. Mods (my fix included) have no control over how launchers work.
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  13. Hey, I've been trying to play on the 1.7.10 modpack but almost every time I try to play it kicks me out. It takes me to the title screen and I click to play and it once it loads up it takes me back to the launcher. It happened all of a sudden, I used to be able to play fine and then out of the blue this happened. I don't know what to do. I've reinstalled the launcher, the modpack, the mods. I did add extra mods but even before I would play with those perfectly. Im using a Mac with Mojave version 10.14.6. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: I can go into single player mode but not multiplayer.
  14. right click TecknicLauncher go to properties compatibility it must be on win7
  15. alright i'll try to find it here, what do i do once i join?
  16. Join the technic discord. We'll help you there, the interaction on this forum is way too slow to fix this.
  17. You did not select the right java version, you are still using 32bit java. Select the 64bit one, then select 2-3 GB RAM.
  18. Im willing to help if you have discord reply and ill add you
  19. I installed the java but I'm running this on a less powerful laptop and on the java settings it only goes to 1gb, heres the latest crash log after installing java if it helps
  20. This issue has now been resolved, we changed the way we validate those URLs.
  21. its OK I found the download for the 8u51 version and everything has worked! Thanks for the help anyway though.
  22. You incorrectly zipped your modpack. (you zipped the top folder, not the bin/mods/config directly).
  23. everything was working until i added the ProjectE 1.12.2 mod my drop box link but i have it set to for the modpack itself E: I've also tried to delete it from the pack and it still wont work
  24. Does your log say something like what OP has? Especially around the error part?
  25. After I installed hello neighbor 1.8.9 BR, I tried playing the mod. but when I clicked play, it just won't start up. it takes me back to the launcher like nothing happened. In general, I can't start most of the mods, Some of them because it has too many gigibites and i only have 1 gigibite, and some of them glitches and suffers error. Most mods I can start up well and doing very good. is there way to fix this? how to fix it? what do I not have in order to play this mod? sincerely, Ian Elmquist
  26. can I ask where I could get the 8u51 version of java I believe I have the same problem as the OP . I have tried the oracle archive website but whenever I try to download it I get an error on their site. thanks
  27. followed all steps but still did not work, i tried to open blightfall and now it wont even open anymore. at a loss as to what might be wrong. here is the recent crash report which i can only get on hexxit. nothing else.
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