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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone else was having an issue with Mystcraft crashing the whole server in 0.6.1. I've tried it out, attempting to create a world for the players to mine through, and every time I've created a world and stepped through into it, the server crashes. I'm not sure if it is a plugin glitch (might be something with Vault or Enjin, I don't know for sure) but I know it deals specifically with the world generation. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Details:
  2. DIM1 is usually the Nether. Dim-1 I believe is part of Mystcraft or Dimmensional Doors.
  3. I've done the MFR version, and th Steve's Carts version. When you get to a certain point with Steve's, it actually causes client crashes. The MFR one, though it takes a little more thought for planning, is probably the easiest one to do, that I've seen. Just have to place your animal farm with sewers far enough away, or below, your tree farm so as to not have escaping animals. Then, best suggestion from there is make sure you sort the items, wood/rubber/apples/leaves go one way, saplings go another, feeding into the planter. This way, you don't have to bother with making sure it's full. I use a dual chest with redpower filters in it attached to my harvester so that the saplings and wood can be more easily sorted, and to prevent overflow and loss of items. Filled a doublechest with logs in just under 4 hours. Also reduces much of the lag that the bc pipes create.
  4. @velusip - I haven't had that problem with my server... things are moving smoothly thus far
  5. The permissions should be the same as here: http://massivecraft.com/plugins/factions
  6. Another thing with your permissions nodes, it helps to have the - modifyworld.* at the bottom of the list instead of the top, in case you start limiting blocks, otehrwise modifyworld will give you many problems. PEX reads bottom to top for permissions, last time I was using it, and it took a bit to figure that out, but, once I did everything was fine.
  7. 0.6.1 is the current Recommended version, both listed on the website, and in the launcher options.
  8. I would recommend reinstalling the system. Clear your lib folder, and start the server. Once that's done, you should be fine. I haven't encountered this problem on my server.
  9. I've still got all my batboxes currently, and I updated yesterday. There was no issues except the loss of IC2 Transformers, but I was expecting that, from the previous edition. Still waiting on my users to tell me what they are missing, but I doubt it'll be too much of a change
  10. @shenstone - I'm using Group Manager as well, but I don't think the nodes are designed the same as PEX. Though, you could use a permissions converter to convert it to Group Manager... I know one exists, I just don't have the link at this time.
  11. Are you using Tekkit-Lite 0.5.7 or 0.6.0? Also, check to make sure your port is forwarded, and also make sure that the server.properties file is reflecting the exact same port number. Then, make sure your firewall also allows Java full access. Finally, go to ipchicken.com to get the internet IP address for your machine, and have your friends connect using that.
  12. how much memory are you allocating to the server to run? Currently, it looks to me like it starts with 3 gigs and then drops to 2 gigs. You could try switching the 2 and 3, see if that makes a difference, or, make them the same number.
  13. The one from the RailCraft website. Download that, copy it to your server's mods folder, and then copy it to your client mods folder. Do not unzip the railcraft zip file, just dump it into the folder.
  14. Just put the railcraft file in your mods folder. This works for both server and client.
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