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  1. If you look around there is a thread on different optimal builds you can have
  2. Blank_space


    and we do our jobs so well.( also the bit about asshat prima donnas is gone from the upper right hand corner ) Whilst we here are there any other auto corrects we should know about before thread devoted to each one being repeated a million times pop up?
  3. Blank_space

    Tekkit :(

    Think the main problem is that people have been spoiled , and so don't think they need to read the bug format, or any of the previous posts about it, because all those problem are for stupid people and they know they CANT be stupid. that would be unthinkable.
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    Well what do you expect: this isen't the MC forums
  5. Blank_space


    Only here could that job have such a competitive set of applicants
  6. A connoisseur of porn sites? well i never...
  7. seeing as you only need 7 (or maybe 8 cant remember) glow stone for a collector, as long as OP doesn't mind waiting around, they could simply either do a single neither run, or use the gold/red stone recipe, then wait around
  8. ho ho ho, theses forums always make me smile. Shine on you crazy diamonds
  9. errk tell me about it. I know a couple of peeps who are real nice about the whole thing but other seem to have a weird chip on their shoulder about atheist like myself. still what can you do, i am just glad i don't live in the bible belt! reading /r/atheism sometime is crazy...
  10. But an effective one. they can de-fowl at a rate of around 23 DPM
  11. looking back at some of the older threads are mildly amusing: with half the quotes messed up it makes the whale box even harder to read!
  12. Solution: do it anyway
  13. Although the page name is parallels plesk panel page which is pleasing to say.
  14. As someone who is not at one with the sacred code i cant immediately see whats wrong with it. is it just the its redundant and full of white space, or is there something deeper?
  15. care to share this wonderful fix?
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