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  1. So, Hi everyone I'm so sorry the server had to go I've been so busy the past few months I had no time to play, and as of late now I can play pretty much every day. I thought I'd come check out how things were going to find the server has sadly past. I've been playing a lot of FTB lately which is fun, but not as fun as if it had been with you guys Miss you all, and Gar, I'll pm you, I'd like to play with you guys again
  2. Miller! I think you'll prolly need to re-apply but I wouldn't see why not!
  3. Just so you hookers know, I'm claiming the Industry name: Cosmo Co Intergalactic Petroleum. Suck on that fuel pump!
  4. ATTENTION BUILDERS! It's that time again! I'm going to be scouting for Interesting builds Creative base layouts Anything that looks cool actually I don't know why I did bullet points for this... I'm shooting the new video to represent our server, so get your build on and message me either here or IG your location only IF your base is mostly built, or completed. It will be an on going process until I have enough footage for the video so you will still have time to build.
  5. I was placing waterproof pipes when it crashed so it wasn't me. Not sure what happened either
  6. Hello my pets~ Figured I'd post something so I an be updated on what stuff goes on here
  7. what's the server name? I'm on one too and there is never anyone on
  8. Yeah I saw he said "you're whitelisted!" I got so excited, went on and awe....haha