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  1. Fair enough. I like Tracer's mechanics, but I enjoy slamming doors on people with ice walls way too much. (Plus I died way too much as Tracer anyways.) The gratuitous NGE reference D.VA was pretty good too, although I may have killed myself with self destruct a few too many times. "NERF THIS!"
  2. Yeah, I tried to play on my laptop, aiming at 30FPS is a lot harder than it should be. Seemed promising though, I like the characters. (Mei is best girl. Fight me.)
  3. The Tekkit Legends server has been shut down until further notice. Hopefully I can get it back up within a few days, but no promises.
  4. Heh, I just found this again after not hearing it for years. And I realized it could totally be used as a horror game soundtrack:
  5. I just got that, like two hours later. Hooray for nerd jokes. Wait, Nitrogen isn't a noble gas. Is there some other joke I'm missing here?
  6. See, now you're just making me question all soda. And yes, it kind of does sound like something that could actually happen, now that you mention it. Welcome, always good to have a new voice here. And now that you have posted, your fate is sealed, and you can never truly leave this place.
  7. You were the resident slightly drunk engineer of our group, hopping from ship to ship as needed when you were not aboard your Ghost-class stealth vessel, the Halberd Night. Working with our mad scientist, Dentcat, you were able to develop an experimental neutron cannon, allowing us to catch large numbers of ships off guard with their shields down. You also rescued our double agent, Richs_Yard, from the enemy after his continual relaying to us of the plans of the mob was uncovered. That was quite the white-knuckle mission, you only made it out because Okamikk happened to be passing nearby and k
  8. Must resist urge to write sprawling fan-fiction. Must...resist... ahh screw it. You were captain and robotic operator of the heavily shielded defensive Golem-class starship Wunderschnee. Near the end of the void-clearing chapter of the story, the Wundershnee was lost along with the ultra-heavy-destroyer S.S. Mataroyale in a queen's-sacrifice gambit. However, we were able to salvage the massive shield generator from the ship before sending it off to be destroyed. With it, a new ship was constructed for you to pilot. The Needle-class Starpiercer was created using that gener
  9. So, just had this rather coherent dream for once as opposed to the usual mishmash of characters, nonsense dialogue, and 80’s CGI Hollywood effects, so I thought I’d share. Plus I can’t sleep any more now anyways. So, here I was, just chilling out, enjoying playing muh video games, (particularly some sort of fusion of EVE Online, Warframe, and Starmade. It actually seemed like a really cool game.), when for no good reason, I became the target of a good-old-fashioned public internet hate-mob. The reason I had become public enemy no. 1 is because apparently some Mexican father had tried to c
  10. One of my favorite Professor Kliq songs, great as ambient music, but has a nice punchy ring to it.
  12. El Internet es un gran baño.

  13. See, that would make sense. But no, people drink it plain. For no discernible reason. It's like drinking OJ after brushing your teeth, JUST WHY.
  14. Why does unsweetened seltzer water taste like shame feels? And why does anyone drink it?
  15. Help how do I Linux?

    1. Gapplag


      how do i start a conversation


    2. TheBytemaster
  16. I went onto the Tekkit Legends server and started chunkloader hunting. Planetguy and Holymage, I mined your base loaders and put them into nearby chests. (As well as your nearby quarry, Holymage.) If you want to put them back, go right ahead, or let me know and I'll do it for you. I'm trying to free up some resources so that we'll have plenty of headroom for Factorio. (The factorio server runs totally fine now with only like 3% CPU usage, but I'd like to ensure we don't hit any snags when huge factories are built.) If you have no intention of playing Tekkit Legends on the Kitty Jail
  17. Accidentally, while I was trying to get Factorio working with the firewall, yes. It is on again. Sorry about that. As far as I can tell, the server should be able to handle both at once, let me know if any excessive slowdowns occur.
  18. Zen/Kaby Lake probably won't be out quite by then, but frankly, as exciting as AMD being relevant in the CPU sector again is, they won't be all that important to your build. The new GPUs should be out though, and those are going to be a massive improvement over the previous generation. They're supposed to start coming out this summer, although it's important to note that this is a new process for both AMD and Nvidia, (14/16 nm vs the old 32nm process size), so they may only be releasing smaller GPUs at first until the yields improve. Even then, I'd be willing to bet money that a suitable GPU f
  19. How interested would you people be in a Kitty Jail Factorio server? Once I get the firewall side figured out, I'd be glad to host one.
  20. Not 50, more like 10, as far as I was thinking. They usually don't, true, (although I have seen malware actually do that). I suppose a better way to go about making sure your "antivirus" is still working is to have the main process check every process against a list as it reports in, raising the alarm if one fails to report in. One thing that would be good to fake is the method that the various AVs store settings, such as turning off AV definition updates or scheduled scans. Those should be checked, obviously. I'm not actually thinking about making this, btw, it was more of a thought exer
  21. Here's an idea. What if I wrote a set of programs with process names matching that of all known popular antivirus executables. Then I set up a process to monitor them all and tell me if any of them are ever killed or not running. Or maybe all of the dummy processes would all report their state to the master process every few seconds. Any malware that chickens out upon seeing certain AV processes will leave me alone, and any malware that tries to kill my sham antivirus will blow its own cover. Thinking further, I could also include processes for a bunch of common debugging/analys
  22. Today's miniature shenanigan, brought to you by Ysharma and I: I REGRET NOTHING EDIT: Hoo boy, legit ID theft spam. Sample information and all. That's quite a change from the usual nonsense black magic antics.
  23. Well this is some slightly terrifying mission impossible type stuff right here. And it will never be misused. I mean, offline processing is one thing, but doing this in real time is kind of scary. "Blub blub blub I am a fish" -Putin
  24. You need more gibberish on here, I've been slacking.

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      For some reason I can't see your messages on my wall, I can only access them through the alerts. No idea why.

      Okay, no, I just need to access my page instead of my status updates.

  25. We are all the final boss of our toilet seats.

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