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  1. Check the ranges of the EMP and the radar. If the radar range is higher than the EMP's, the EMP will go off prematurely and do nothing to the incoming missile. If I have plenty of power, I usually like to set my EMP radius to a few blocks higher than the radar alert range, (which I usually set to around 75 blocks), to make sure I jam the incoming missile. If I'm trying to save power, I'll usually set the EMP radius to be a bit smaller than the radar range, and use a few repeaters to delay the redstone pulse from the radar, but that can often require a little fine-tuning to get right.
  2. A dimensional rift forms, and Black★Rock Shooter drops into the stadium locked in a struggle with Darth Batman riding a T-Rex. No survivors were found. I wish that importing CD's from Japan was not so expensive.
  3. Rule of thumb. If it exists, there is probably a Touhou version/mashup of it somewhere. If not, It will soon be created.
  4. That seems like a little bit of an -understatement-. The worst spellcard starts at 7:32; (Note how after the first death, the player just hides in the corner, praying that none of the bullet-tentacles hit him.)
  5. @Mooseman, The patching is very easy to do, don't worry about that. HERE is a very good list of merchandise and the vendors that have it. @Spartanyanni Here is what I found on how to use Tenso with the Akaibaoo online store. Part 1 and Part 2,
  6. True, that would help a lot. I was thinking of more of a sustained bombardment type scenario spanning a few minutes or so. I guess if you had a ton of resources and really wanted to go for broke, you could set up a whole ton of EMP towers and put them on a redstone clock that would activate one around every ten seconds-ish. That would be pretty much a sure-fire lock against missiles if I'm correct. Of course, you wouldn't be able to fire any missiles either, unless you stop the redstone clock. This would probably be ridiculous for one person to do, but on a large-scale faction vs. faction serv
  7. Haha, Love xKore. My favorite track of his is "Distortion". One of my other favorite dubstep tracks is "Classical", by NIGHTkilla. Dubsteppin' like a sir :3 Also, "Obelisk", by XS and GirlStep has one of my favorite drops ever.
  8. I always loved Indie games, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.
  9. It gets heat by burning coal. Just shove a pile of coal inside it and it should take care of itself pretty quickly. The heat mechanic also means that the longer it runs, the more efficient it becomes, and the faster it generates electricity.
  10. Setting up a redstone circuit that would alternate between two or more EMP's would certainly be nice in the event of a few missiles coming in rapid succession. That would help remedy the gap in your defenses that occurs after an EMP has been fired and is recharging. For example, If my enemy has only one auto-firing EMP tower set up, I would fire a conventional missile to use up their EMP tower’s charge, followed by a higher tier missile a few seconds later to destroy them.
  11. Hooray, finally found a way. (Albeit an expensive one.) Apparently I can have it forwarded through a service called Tenso. Cool.
  12. Oh, sorry about that. I don't know, I guess that I thought that maybe someone might be bored and willing to help. Go ahead and delete this if you feel it violates the rules. Never meant to violate the no advertising rule, my apologies.
  13. So, I recently discovered this Touhou doujin music circle, (If you haven't heard of Touhou, I don't really blame you. It's an absurdly difficult bullet-hell type game made by a man known only as ZUN), called Tutti Sound. They make fantabulously amazing epic orchestral music. Example: -> To make a short story even shorter, I want to buy the -newest album- that just barely came out, but it says that they cannot ship internationally, and to “Contact me by e-mail or Facebook” I cannot find, for the life of me, any way to do this. All of the pages I found on Facebook appear to be un
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