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  1. ender pouches also have the advantage of that the contents isnt directly 'on you' so it is slightly less bad if you fall in lava, because then at least the contents of it is 'backed up' (I also have a separate one connected to my sorting system back at base, so i can offload stuff whilst out mining )
  2. Personally if you can afford it I'd choose the liquid tesseract over the transposer as it involves fewer steps and no need for timers. I also *think* that it is faster than a transposer, although am not sure.
  3. I think its a general optifine bug with the version of forge currently in tekkit(517 i think) and can only be fixed either by waiting until the next update, or by updating forge to V518 or higher
  4. I think the block update issues are problems with compatibility between the version of forge in 0.5.7 which is 517(i think) and apparently optifine isn't entirely happy with versions 506-517. So everything *should* work fine again come the next update of forge with tekkit lite :-)
  5. If its a thermal expansion steam engine, you will also need to feed it with water. Try posting a screen-shot of your setup so others can see exactly how its setup.
  6. Oh, i thought it was just my computer being derpy.............
  7. Yeh, but AKAIK we dont have the GravSuite in tekkit yet(?) I think the best way to charge the power suits is to use IC2 solar power though
  8. Just to satisfy my curiosity, why would you want to have the 'standard' version over the ultra, as if you don't want to use some of the settings on it, you just don't?
  9. I tried installing the Ultra B4 build, but again had no luck and got stuck on the loading screen when opening a SSP world. Installed the later Ultra C3 build and everything is now working fine :)
  10. You could try creating a hollow tube for the pump nozzle to go down, thus negating the need for a water strainer -- It stops it from picking up the surrounding water by producing a physical barrier.
  11. I think you need to shift-right click with either a BC wrench or an omniwrench
  12. You might be able to use a couple of aqueous accumulators instead of the water pumps as they are better and more reliable than pumping out of a infinite source.
  13. I'd hope that he'd be above that, especially as it was removed upon his request. Although i would like to see it back at some point, for a start its tanks are a really useful way of storing liquids compactly
  14. Try playing around with Optifine, decreasing render distance etc and see how that works. For max FPS try using the following settings: (Taken from the MCF Optifine thread)
  15. Try pressing "O" when in your inventory in creative as i think it enables/disables the NEI GUI
  16. World anchors were part of Railcraft which was removed from Tekkit Lite You could try using on of the other chunk loaders such as dimensional anchors
  17. AFAIK the energy link doesn't have any dedicated input/output and can do so from all sides Check that your MFSU is also correctly orientated with the output dot towards the energy-link. Try posting a screen-shot of your set-up if you have no further luck. :)
  18. You need to set up your power like so: HV Array --> MFSU --> Energy Link --> Quarry
  19. You could try feeding your 'junk' into a recycler then either making scrap boxes or feeding the scrap into a mass-fabricator.
  20. AFAIK you cant connect wooden pipes together, and all you need to pipe from the quarry to the chest is to stick 1 stone/cobblestone pipe inbetween them BTW to fix the problem with the wooden pipe (which isn't needed in this case anyway) you right-click it with a BC wrench until the 'thick' end is towards the engine.
  21. I believe that quarries load chunks automatically now, so there is no need to have another anchor type also loading the chunk.
  22. Thats good to know, certainly saves the faff of converting to and from liquid form
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