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  1. AFAIK Teleport Pipes cannot work between dimensions, whereas ender chests can I think also that there is a thermal expansion block which you can pump lava into which fills and empties buckets etc And to quote someone from a different thread:
  2. You could try doing it something like this with a water mill instead, as i think strainers were part of the power converters mod, which isnt included in tekkit lite.
  3. Have you tried sticking them back into an assembler and giving it fuel etc to complete the cycle? (I'll add that I haven't played with it at all, so don't know if you can)
  4. Teleport pipes don't work between dimensions AFAIK, and as railcraft has been removed we are now only left with using ender chests. (In 0.5.1 you could combine railcraft tank carts with mystcraft portals to ship lava back in liquid form)
  5. You could try loading buckets into a series of geothermals with a filter and tube, then use a retriever to get the empty buckets back out Try having a look at redpower/IC2 Geothermal power plants on youtube to give you an idea
  6. I think its A and D for classic and lite respectively :-) (although one thing i'll add is that the lite wiki is still very much a WIP, so currently has very little on it)
  7. Current pre-release EE3 currently only really contains the minium stone, which sort-of functions as the philosopher's stone used to, but it has a damage value. In terms of duplication, the only stuff present atm AFAIK is the conversion recipes in the crafting table.
  8. EE3 still does have some forms of transmutational abilities in the form of the minium stone, which is able to preform *most* of the transmutation recipes of the old philosopher's stone, which i believe is being added back in at some point but harder to get. eg, the upgrading/down grading of metals in the crafting grid is still possible 8 Iron --> 1 gold etc
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