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  1. On BukkitForge: BukkitForge uses the Bukkit API, not CraftBukkit. Hence BukkitForge != a full CB plugin abstraction layer. On FE documentation: We're kinda tied up with stuff here and there, and yes, we didn't really expect anyone to help out with the wiki anyway.
  2. It doesn't work with command blocks? Ok, will take note.
  3. Should be okay now, we had to rewrite the perms system.
  4. Actually there's a dynmap version for forge, no need to do the bukkitforge dance
  5. Ahhh. We've moved away from sqlite though.
  6. /me approves of this. Someone please sticky. Oh wait, it is.
  7. Fixed in latest FE build, we moved away from sqlite anyway
  8. That was just us derping and putting in the wrong checksum. Fixed, bug tekkit to update.
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