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  1. also i blew up your cottge Via-creeper once we fix the problem ill fix it for ya
  2. Creeper man we got a problem i join the sever and ever 30 seconds i get a Internal exception:java.net.socketexception:connection reset not sure what it is but i know it isnt me and its your sever becuse i do get it once or twice a day but not every 30 seconds on any sever i tryed other severs and it didnt do it you can contact me Via skype @ christian.centers picture is a dude wearing a tye dye T-shirt
  3. |Your Username:| ozoomaroo |Your reason for joining the server:| Looking for a fun server with no griefing. |Are you experienced in Tekkit:|yes i know some things about tekkit but there are also things i dont becuse i am not sure how to set things up like a neuclear reactor. |Will you follow the rules:|YES i will follow the rules/.
  4. IGN:ozoomaroo Real Name: if accepted will give on sever Time Zone:(Gmt-05:00) eastern time ( us & canada) Something about yourself:I am a great person but if made mad im not so nice i am willing to help if i can i play tekkit but theres somethings i dont know how to do in tekkit. What language you speak (I am truly sorry, but if you do not speak English, you could have google translate in another window?):i speak english What do you want to do on this server (Everyone should have a shop)well i would want to make a home first than if i get going good than ill make a shop and sellthings Do you have a Youtube Channel:ozoomaroo naito If so, will you be willing to film?: No becuse my pc isnt that good and i only get 5 Fps and my Mic Sucks if i had a good pc i would be more than happy i will also if need be particpate in video recordings if asked
  5. Ill join two if you will have me Im 17 i Know some things about tekkit but there are some im still learning about ! i love to play on this sever sence its such a small group I hate big severs becuse theres so many people. I am a Very good person and i am willing to help if needed I play tekkit often im currently on a sever now but the people Are very ignoreful and they ignore you And its very laggy i mean on a scale from 1-10 its a 11 my in game name is ozoomaroo it would be a honor if you would have me on your sever i also would make youtube videos for it but my pc isnt cappable of runing more than 6 Fps while recording videos and even if it was i couldnt get the program i use to record other peoples voices. I never been banned for anything the only Banned items ive ever made was to make a swift wolfs rending gate ring and i made 2 valcanic amulets and i didnt know they where banned i would love to be on your sever and i hope i get accepted.
  6. This sever is recveing bad reviews from players i think ti should be shut down
  7. Application Form | | Your Game NickName= ozoomaroo | Age= 17| | Reason why do you want to join this server?= I want a sever where i can play with friends or new people And have everything unlocked I do not tolerate grefers i hate them so dont worry about me greifing | Experinced in tekkit?Yes or No= Yes i know about equvilante exchange the beginer mechines items And some other things | Do you swear that you will follow the rules?= Yes |
  8. Minecraft Username:ozoomaroo Time Zone: eastern time Reason for Applying: im looking for a SMall private sever! Do you plan on staying: I've been looking for a dedicated server awhile, so yes. Opinion on Explosions:im looking for a SMall private sever! Are you a nice person: Yes. unless someone did something to me Over all i am i dont get mad for no reason
  9. My father does web design as a side job if you are in need of a site look me up *prices my vary*
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