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  1. Ok, as much as this is thread resurrection. What I was looking for is the digital miner from mekanism, in case anyone ever looks for the same thing. Pretty much like a quarry but doesn't leave giant holes all around.
  2. Eh, the flatland look/quarry holes is what I'd like to avoid. I remember there was an advanced machine (maybe from complex machines?) that would mine only the ore but I don't remember the mod :/ I do know about laser drills but they sound a bit cheaty to me, also because I tend to oversize my fusion reactors :|
  3. Ok, I TRIED to remember this but apparently my memory is failing me more and more lately... Are there alternative to quarries? I don't really mind the quarry itself but the hole it leaves and the billions of cobblestone it gives have proven to be a bit of a problem for me. I would like to know if there are options, even in mods that are not in tekkit. I remember there was the miner in ic2 and another machine in a mod that would only mine ores (but I don't remember this other mod, I think it was on the universal electricity website but seems to have disappeared). Anyone can spare a thought?
  4. I have no definition for "rootserver". Either you mean "run as root" in linux (which I wouldn't recommend for security reasons). Anyway hosting via hamachi will work (more or less) depending on your network capability and server performance. You want a permanent server (so you'll need the tekkit server jar) or just be able to have your friends connect? Having the specifics for the machine you want to use to host would help, and how much people you expect would connect.
  5. If you are OP you can teleport to the overworld with /tp 0
  6. I just used the steam engines from... some mod. Not the AS turbines. And I used them as flooring so it doesn't look too bad
  7. uhm, personally I use HV capacitors on all pieces, with 200k energy on each. I use heat plating and force generators maxed out on everything (force generators don't add weight). I have pretty much everything else installed and I still move properly. As a tip, in case it may help you, if you have an energy cell in your inventory the suit will drain power from it. that way you can remove the batteries from it altogheter. Still, as long as you have solar panels, motion generators and heat generators in the suit you should be able to get more energy than you actually use. I have yet to use the thunder gun as normally I prefer the railgun (it does enough damage for my taste).
  8. I have BC pipes pumping into a tesseract from a quarry O_o Can confirm itemducts don't connect to the quarry, but the other way around is working fine for me :|
  9. Lower the weight. Personally I found out both heat dissipation and batteries don't need to be maxed out.
  10. Jepp, worked. Now having a fusion reactor running full-time and I don't know how many steam engines attached to it...
  11. Did you change the amount of RAM allocated in the tekkit launcher? Do you have a 64 bit Java Virtual machine?
  12. And it does extract liquid deuterium now, does it? Or it's still about filling and emptying cells?
  13. I would like to point out that even with redstone energy ducts you'll have a limit to how much energy goes through, unless you edit the config files and increase it. Also, there is a tool called "multimeter", it will tell you how much of the maximum capacity of a conduit is used.
  14. Actually I did try that, the sides are reasonably easy to figure out, but it still doesn't work :| anyone tried with the TE 3 ducts?
  15. Ok, this is rather confusing. How do I use a chemical extractor? It doesn't seem to be powered by redstone conduits, nor will it pipe anything in its tanks from fluiducts (tekkit on 1.6.4). Any hint? :|
  16. They have been left out as they were not being reliably updated so they got switched with other mods providing similar functionality. The only thing that has been removed completely is frames, but adding redstone in motion (mod) would provide that too. There are builds of IC2 that may work in 1.5.2 or 1.6.4 but honestly, I came from tekkit classic and the change bummed me a bit at first, but now I definitely prefer the new tekkit :| Applied energetics is just amazing, Thermal expansion and MFR machines are super useful (albeit a bit slower, but who cares, just make 10 of them with the molecular assembler).. I suggest you try using the new mods before shooting them down.
  17. Giving him a power armor is an option? When it's maxed out it is pretty much impossible to die as long as he keeps it charged (and if you use the addons you don't even need to do that...)
  18. Not strictly Tekkit, but I worked around the problem by using the quarryplus mod :|
  19. Check how much RAM you have allocated to tekkit in the launcher.
  20. Suggestion: Get the coal from the quarry, pulverize it, liquify it and use it to run compression dynamos. Coal will net you about 10 mil RF per bucket, far more than you need to run the quarry itself. Also, charcoal will work for steam dynamos, you can get an infinite water source for both the engine types using an aqueous accumulator.
  21. You can also find them by mining in an extreme hills biome, but they are quite rare
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