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  1. This, I need so I shall endorse, even if it's a bit necroposting. Anyone has any info about it? All I could find are old texturepacks that do not support 1.6.4 or the latest version :|
  2. I'm also confused about the : #!/bin/sh Are you on Linux or Win? O_o
  3. Not as far as I know. I tried to get them to 160 from 16 and they worked, but I moved them back to 16 as, honestly, I couldn't even tell how much I had left... I don't know how much more density you may want If he likes train stuff he may want to try traincraft, pretty cool if you like the "train station" vibe Anyway openblocks has a huge amount of very nice things, even if they are unrelated to each other :)
  4. I found out on my own server (small one, just playing with a few friends). For whatever reason the multiblock tanks from railcraft would cause a client crash when you got close to them. I didn't investigate the issue that much as I just removed railcraft (I try not to have redundant mods, and I only used it for the tanks) and used opentanks.
  5. Uhm, I did play with tekkit classing and have fond memories of red power, but why would it be necessary in tekkit 1.6.4? Except for frames I can't figure out what would be needed from it, especially now with itemducts from TE3 in place :|
  6. I would just drop openblocks in the mod folder, elevators from it are compact and nice Actually, that IS what I did :| Now I want to try TE3 teleporting pads tho..
  7. I made my base off the look of the NATO radar center in Britain. All whitestone with different patterns. Looks pretty neat. And I also created a village from scratch (with villagers) in a nearby lake. Honestly there is not really a "layout", just think what you want and have fun, worst case start over in another area after nuking the place :P
  8. In case you're going to use different mods I would suggest openblocks tanks. The contained amount can be configured from the config file, one block is 16 buckets (so 6272 buckets for a 7x7x8) normally but being able to shape the tank as you wish is pretty nice, and they are less buggy than railcraft tanks imho.
  9. I can confirm ME interface works like a charm even for multiple inputs. Had 4 tesseracts dropping stuff in it and it never failed me :P
  10. Considering a power suit can hold easily 10 million units of energy I really don't see a reason to bother with generators :| Personally I play a fair amount and have to recharge it like once every 2 weeks...
  11. you can use that too if you have it but it won't work in the MFR fertilizer I need to get rid of bonemeal too :|
  12. have a pen for animals and put a sewer as floor. consider the sewer generates maximum 100 sewage/t and only works on the block on top of it (upgrades apply). Does not require power either, personally I just use them as floor for the pen. Use 2 blocks for the pens walls or animals will go away from time to time. The sewage you collect can be used to feed a composter (requires power, inputs sewage, outputs industrial fertilizer). Just adjust the amount of animals in the pen in relation to the need of sewage you have.
  13. It really depends on your fertilizer production but I would suggest multiple harvester/fertilizers. The planter may be ok but the rest may not be sufficient to keep up with the actual max production. Personally I use 9 planters, each with a single seed, and 8 harvesters on one side and 8 fertilizers on another.
  14. harvesters/fertilizers can work on the same area togheter, so just put more :P
  15. Eventually you can use QuarryPlus, it's not in tekkit by default but it is easy to add. It allows for 256x256 quarries...
  16. Yeah, I've put stuff in DSU's too, I just don't see the point of having more than that...
  17. A full error report has been saved to C:UsersKerriAppDataRoaming.technicmodpackscustom-npc-modpack-152crash-reportscrash-2013-11-14_18.23.41-client.txt - Please include a copy of that file (Not this screen!) if you report this crash to anyone; without it, they will not be able to help fix the crash
  18. Biofuel is not that hard to keep in stock, just have some animals and use composters to make fertilizers, that way you'll end up with way more materials than you need. Personally I have 2 millions of each, and that's because I've redstoned the planters with a level emitter to stop at that limit.
  19. Honestly I was just tired of the crashes/lag caused by BC pipes :|
  20. I may be wrong but basically the intel "video cards" just... suck :|
  21. If you have a laptop or an integrated video card you may want to follow these instructions: http://serato.com/video/support/15693/changing-graphics-card-settings-to-use-your-dedicated-gpu-on-a-windows-computer
  22. I am pretty sure that is not the case as long as you have a dimensional anchor in place and the spawner chunk is loaded :| Not 100% sure tho.
  23. Ah, then it is just it being slow Anyway you might want to just automate the spawner so you don't need to stay there and wait. You're using ME for storage? That being the case just set a level emitter to emit redstone signal on the spawner when you have the desired amount of tears.
  24. I fear 6 is not tall enough for ghasts. I reckon I had to increase the height of my ghast cage to 8 or 9 since they were not spawning :|
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