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  1. Been playing on tekkitopia for some years and I can really recommend this server. So if you are looking for a mature - stable (long term) server to play this is the right place, almost no banned items . Server population these days is kinda low so it would be good to see some new faces!
  2. theneko Great server. If you are looking for a decent tekkit one you should really try this one out... stable no lags and just a little list of banned items
  3. Use AE mod, better faster and looks cooler.
  4. Age: 19 IGN: theneko Why Do you want to Play on this Server? : Searching for a new tekkit server to spend my free time. What Do you want to Build? : My own lab / base and also a town, a big one.
  5. IGN: theneko Age: 17 I've been playing tekkit classic / tekkit lite and new tekkit but never tried a voltz server! so this might be the first time.
  6. IGN: theneko Age: 17 Tekkit experience: Good experience in classic / lite and almost new in this version Why us?: Want to test new tekkit version and also a server with all mods added !
  7. You've been white listed on vrealms.thiswaygames.com:25665

  8. Username: Theneko Age: 19 Why Tekkitopia? Im tired of playing Tekkit singleplayer so Im searching for a good and stable server with nice comunity. Your secret code: 7The
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