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  1. Yep, that's the one, thanks :)
  2. I've just looked at what is in IC2 and yep, EVERYTHING will be dead my pumps my advanced machines and electric circuit automation system for my solar panels which I've been doing for ages just to get a solar helmet for the jetpack Batboxes!!! everything in the factory will be gone Think I'll have to skip it and not update till I can see ways round it.
  3. Big Dig 1.5.2!?! Cool, although will it ruin my factory I've been building for weeks :(
  4. Anyone know how to use the laser or what it's for? I've tried to use it in a test world but can't get it to do anything.
  5. That means it will be dragged out for 6 series then with no meaning just to cash in.
  6. Looks like it might be the LightWeight Java Game Library, as mentioned here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1356245-random-crashing/ So I've followed the replacement guide and seems to be stable at the moment. Obviously instead of updating it in the Minecraft folder, I've updated the files in the .technic folder.
  7. Getting REALLY annoying CTD with no errors. I'm be happily playing away and sudden back to desktop. Other times I can play for ages just fine. Looking in the logs it's all point to Java and possible OpenGL but I've updated my GPU to the latest drivers, deleted Java cache. Uninstalled java, cleared the SUN folder out, reinstalled Java. Deleted TechnicLauncher, redownloaded it. Delete BigDig and all .technic folder and reinstalled all that. Still same fing issue. In game now and running OK, but was bombing out a few mins ago. GPU Is a ATI 7970 Have 64GB of RAM (I run VMs when
  8. I gave up being good with the tin and ended up cheating and spawned some in. I got sick of it because I've mind about 2 massive quarries and 5 smaller ones. Now I'm quarrying a whole mounting away (micro managing that is a pain) and still little tin. The other quarries I could leave alone without the combustion engines ever blowing up. The first attempt, they blew up but I think I've learnt to make sure the cooling water source is really close to the quarry, that way, the engines are constantly cooled. And the power was from a lava lake found at the bedrock level. It's why managing t
  9. For all the big fat vanes in the Big Dig and my 5 quarry system with automated sorting, recycling, macerating, converting in furnace I can't seem to find much Tin. Anyone else having problems finding tin? Need it for RE-Batteries as got an automated system creating LV Solar Arrays.
  10. Do you have any texture packs? Try turning them off.
  11. I don't see it much as cheating as a convenience so I put Magnet Mode on. But be aware, with Mag Mode on and using scatter with the laser miner, it can cause massive lag.
  12. So I assume that means if NEI doesn't show the receipt it doesn't always mean its not craftable anymore?
  13. Ah the invalid copyright notices. Closed mod!?. It's a mod based on Minecraft's code so they can't copyright their mod so anyone is free to carrying on their EE2 mod if they wish and ignore that invalid copyright notice.
  14. Jetpack and mining laser is what I use on them.
  15. How did you actually build the Farm blocks? I see them on the NEI but it gives no recipe suggesting they no longer work.
  16. Appears it has changed. After all night looking finally found a vid.
  17. Can't seem to find the Integrated Heat Disperser in the ingredients list or any way of making it. Meaning I can't continue to build my nuclear reactor. Has the name changed? Am I missing something? Doesn't appear to be many guides for Big Dig they are all mainly just regarding Tekkit. So can't find any info on this.
  18. My mistake. You have to press space while pressing the hover button to get it to switch modes.
  19. Anyone have issues with Electric jetpacks? I have 2 on me at all times. One on my back and one for backup. One of them works properly as I can use the hover mode. The other appears to never let me turn on hover mode. Is this a bug?
  20. Been playing a few weeks now. Got sucked in because nephew wants a LAN setup but his friends to be able to connect from outside. Despite setting everything up, still can't get that to work due to port forwarding or firewall issues. Purchased a copy of Minecraft just to fiddle then got hooked. Anyway. Question is, I'm really liking the Big Dig, only just seen it as an option when loading the Technic Launcher. When I get in game (I always play single player), it mentions some of the mods have newer versions available. Do these get updated automatically or do you need to download
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