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  1. Agree with the last Additional Bit totally. Eventually people did post earlier on in this thread, replacements for the items I was using. So I eventually broke away from IC2 and moved to the new update. I wanted to have all the other mod updates as well but couldn't move due to IC2, so I understand why they broke away & glad they did now. However, some certain arse being an arse in the thread isn't really helping Big Dig or its promotion. It just gives an elitist impression which just puts new people off and they go elsewhere to other mod packs.
  2. But it seems a bit odd to complain that the Big Dig pack has too many resources when that was the whole point of the pack and why we (well me anyway) play it. It's a thin line between proper survival and creative. If I didn't want some many resources, I'd pay one of the other packs that limit them.
  3. Someone mentioned elsewhere if you make a mystcraft age you can get it to spawn monazite if it's needed. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/modular-force-field-system-and-advanced-repulsion-system.38740/
  4. But with the update you have all the mod updates, AE being one that is better than I think it was before (not that I used it but before it required those build craft chips I believe). I was also like you and was on the road to building HV solar, mainly because I wanted the HV hat so didn't have to keep charging the jetpack. But the tin spawn was all messed up in 1.4.7 so there was hardly any. Although I had a semi automatic setup to make parts for the hv solar, now I've been introduced to Mekanism I prefer it much more than IC2. The Elite Factories are one of the main reasons why.
  5. To the original OP, no it's not dead. I was worried as I liked IC2, but having been introduced to Mekanism and AE, its so much better.
  6. Issues like this was another reason for me to force myself away from 1.4.7 because you get the best of all the mod bug fixes. I loved IC2 like you, but have now discovered Meckanism and Applied Energistics & its so much better.
  7. I mentioned the World Anchor issue way back here: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/world-anchor-bug-or-just-the-world-bugged.45582/
  8. I had this happen on single player and appeared to be happening when using the World Anchor, lucky I was only using it in the Nether so it was only the nether it screwed up. When I switched to Dimensional Anchor it seemed to stopped. It the newer Big Dig World Anchor is gone so I'm assuming it was in fact bugged. To back up the world, just take it down for few minutes. Then go to: C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\.technic\bigdig\Server Or wherever its saved and either backup the WORLD folder or just backup the whole Server folder. I'd just backup the whole server folder. If thin
  9. Gave up trying with my single player 1.2.2 version for same reason. Just decided to start again.
  10. I did have an issue on 1.2.2 that I think I caused. I used the safari net to collect a lot of animals and put them in an open penned farm just outside the house. Bread them for a bit and then notice it that whole area no mobs would ever spawn. I think it was because so many friendly mobs (sheep, cows etc) were already in the area so it refused to spawn anything else.
  11. And like me, with it gone I was forced to look into other things and found (well, was actually pointed to) and now love Mekanism.
  12. Try Mekanism items for replacement for IC2 stuff. I thought I couldn't do without IC2 but now prefer Mekanism stuff instead. The elite factory is really good added with Redstone Energy Cell, with Magmatic engines being powered by Lava from the nether it all works great. And a mega fast quarry due to running on one Redstone Energy Cell but that does also have 8 magmatic engines on it keeping it constantly charged.
  13. My mistake. It needs Diamond Dust that is got by putting the diamonds in a crusher. Also noted you can click the progress bar in the middle and it gives you recipes.
  14. You need to throw in diamonds into the Metallurgic don't you? Or has that also changed. This is why it was doing my nut in as all the guides I've found are for older versions.
  15. Probably. When I get home, I'll do a video of the rough factory setup with it doing it. As it's doing my nut in because I wanted it for the energy cube as mentioned above.
  16. Have you actually tried this? I have both machines up and running. Again, putting the Obsidian in the Enrichment chamber isn't making Dirty Obsidian, it appears to just be making Pulverised Obsidian.
  17. That's the problem. No1. It doesn't make dirty obsidian it just makes pulverised or whatever its called, dust.
  18. Trying to make an Ultimate Energy Cube but it needs Obsidian Ingot and can't find out how to make them. All guides on the new seem to be out-dated or wrong. The NEI isn't helping either. Any ideas?
  19. Got it setup now, thanks is a better way as uses less coal.
  20. Seems to be Enriched Iron you need, not iron dust.
  21. Have tried that in a test world, doesn't appear to work. The compressed carbon and iron dust are just sitting there in the Infuser doing nothing.
  22. But shift and left on the item only moves that whole stack. Before you could shift click, drag and then it would move all stacks of that item.
  23. Did you grab the latest Sphax big dig and not the old version fro 1.2.2 as that won't work.
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