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  1. In testing, on a test world, I found just using any block, apart from dirt, but making it 2 deep is enough. Try it on a test world and put a creeper next to it. Normally only the first layer is blown away, the 2nd layer stays in-tacked.
  2. In 1.2.2 I use to be able to hold shift and drag one stack or one item of an object that I had a lot of, say cobblestone. It would then drag all of those into my inventory or chest. Doesn't appear to work anymore. Is this a config issue or a missing mod?
  3. PrinceOatMeal mentions that farm bug in his video and it required editing the config file to fix it. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/fixed-multi-farm-probelms-in-1-3-9.46154/
  4. Are you talking about the recipe on the NEI? As that isn't always accurate. As it appears to be showing for some special ores that you need Nikolite (however you spell it) which isn't in the game anymore. But found another recipe for said ore on someone's video on YouTube so was able to get around it as it didn't involve Nikolite.
  5. Appears I was part of the problem. Having noticed it was now doing it when I typed Pipes I knew they were part of Buildcraft. Which I updated recently. Seems that's not a good idea gone back to old one that comes with BigDig. Now seems OK on a test map where it was perma buggered.
  6. Sadly it quickly went so broken that suggestion hasn't worked. Will redownload again.
  7. Yeah I was just checking to see if the world anchor had been removed due to the mess it was causing before. It would randomly just wreck the whole area it was in, wiping out anything that was in that area. Just had another NEI crash not sure if related to earlier issues. Looking at your link now, that is exactly the issue, will do as it says and hope don't see it again. Thanks.
  8. I remember the game Black and White would pick up your name from somewhere and randomly whisper it during play, was cool but also spooky
  9. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/railcraft-and-big-dig.45886/
  10. It was railcraft I believe or the creator of it. But as that isn't in BigDig anymore I think it's Buildcraft as looks like he makes that as well. There is another thread around these parts that mention it, but can't remember which one. I think it was just supposed to be some joke code that just randomly plays so can be ignored. I wonder if it needs music on as I've never heard it.
  11. Odd odd issue but luckly last night I need a full backup so just removed all mentions of NEI and copied over the ones I saved from last night. Working fine again but am sure I can probably recreate it. Odd.
  12. So was check the NEI for the world anchor again, just curious as it seemed bugged in the BigDig 1.2.2. Anyway, so in the search box I was typingroughly: world anc and nothing. Then: anc And BANG! It broke, just typing the c. I recovered it on my test world and recreated it, attempting to type anchor. As soon as I get to c it causes the search box to disappear and constant stack overflows. This eventually, slowly causes Minecraft to freeze or crash. I have 64GB of RAM (I run VMs) and allocated 16GB to the launcher. Still makes no difference.
  13. Ender Chests still appear buggy despite it saying in their changelog that they've fixed the issues of items disappearing. Everything will be fine, you'll log off and then load back in or even randomly while playing the chest will suddenly be empty. Logging off the save and loading it again sometimes fixes it. If not, quitting out of Minecraft totally and loading the save appears to fix it.
  14. Cool thanks. Must easier than the railcraft way.
  15. So a lot of stuff requires "steel" still yet there is now no blast furnace due to Railcraft being removed. How do we go about making steel?
  16. I assume there is nothing stopping us adding Railcraft ourselves?
  17. So I updated BuildCraft to the latest as said it works with 1.5.2. Loaded a test world and seems OK with BigDig, no crash. Load my saved world and get ID miss-match I looked at the forge log and see this: 2013-06-01 22:06:49 [FINE] [fml.ItemTracker] The difference set is not equal: value differences={1047=(Item 1047, Type buildcraft.silicon.ItemAssemblyTable, owned by BuildCraft|Silicon, ordinal 0, name null, claimedModId null, Item 1047, Type buildcraft.silicon.ItemLaserTable, owned by BuildCraft|Silicon, ordinal 0, name null, claimedModId null)} World carried on to load fine. I'm l
  18. Trying to get the electric engine to work and yeah, seems it does require ID2 for that so won't be using it. From the small testing I did, it looks like power doesn't come from the Uni wire if a machine can't take it, but I could be wrong.
  19. Yes using the universal cable. I'm still learning it all myself, but when I rigged it up like my IC2 rig, it turned out a lot better because my automation setup with ores would overflow sometimes in IC2, but with the Mekanism stuff it seems to stack up any overflow.
  20. http://wiki.universalelectricity.com/wiki/Mekanism
  21. All the Mekanism will do this as far as I can see. The basic energy cube will store electricity. Can be powered with a wind turbine. Just filter out the mekanism stuff in the NEI on the Item SubSets menu and have a look around.
  22. As someone mentioned to me in another thread, try the Mekanism items. They are a good replacement for the IC2 stuff. I believe I was powering them with normal redstone engines on my test world. They also have speed upgrade options so are just as quick as the IC2 stuff. I also found them better because they stack back logs up instead of overflowing which would happen on my IC2 setup.
  23. It's not crashing my world but I've just run into a big MASSIVE bunch of Chocobos, all stuck together.
  24. Tried that but doesn't work. I've given up trying. Started new world in the update and liking a lot of the other items more than missing IC2.
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