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  1. I assume this isn't possible? I've tried removing the zips but Big Dig has a fit due to IC2 being missing etc (this is in 1.2.2). I was looking round the config files but can't find an option to disable. How do people disable mods when they run servers? I was thinking of that approach instead? Failing that, would a world editor work? Trying all this in the hope I can save this world to use in the new version of Big Dig.
  2. So I started a new map on the update and finished last night with one quarry ready to go. However, I wanted to go back to 1.2.2 to look at Deep Storage Units as I have a lot of resources and realised they'd be perfect for the sorting system. Now I've had an idea, as I've been trying to import the old map to the new update but always crashing. The new idea is to load it in 1.2.2 see everything running fine, quit, try to manually remove IC2 and RP from 1.2.2 and then load the map again. Hopefully an IC2 and RP items will have vanished but won't crash. Then I can save the map & hope it then loads fine in the newer version. Anyone know if this idea is likely to work? And which parts I need to remove IC2 manually? Reason I think it might work is I did, a while ago, load the map in vanilla minecraft. It loaded fine and just removed everything related to all the mods.
  3. For adding Thaumcraft 3 just download the latest one and stick it in the mod folder. Look around your world and see if you can see infused ore. If not it might not of all generated. So you can save, close minecraft, go to Thaumcrafts config file and change these to true: world_regeneration { B:amber_ore=true B:aura_nodes=true B:cinnibar_ore=true B:infused_stone=true Also change S:regen_key=HELLO So that is says anything other than default. Game will lag for a while as it generators all the items in the are your in. You'll want to keep these settings for a while so anytime you visit an area the items are generated, if they weren't done before the world was created. I think Thaumcraft is a big bugged in Big Dig though at moment as if you spawn in the goggles of revealing and drag them to your head the game crashes. Other mods not sure about.
  4. Mekanism is looking good for replacing most of the setup seen downstairs in my vid. It's actually better than the IC2 setup because it never overflows, instead just stacks and waits. Nice. Next test it to use a backup save, delete all the old IC2 stuff and see if the map will load in 1.5.2 or crash. EDIT- I was enjoying Thaumcraft other day though and looks like it might be crashing on BigDig, well parts of it anyway like the Goggles of Revealing.
  5. That's fine, just wondering if its that causing the crash or if its something else in bigdig.
  6. http://pastebin.com/06UVkwDK Spawning in Goggles of Revealing and then drag said item to the head slot causes a crash. Thaumcraft is the 1.5.2 version. Maybe not compatible with BigDig?
  7. Instead of opening another thread for this I thought I'd post here for mine crash with the powersuit. Started a new world just to test changes. http://pastebin.com/HRtGqcf0 I've added the updated Thaumcraft, nothing more.
  8. I'm uploading a vid to show the current setup in the hope people can point out what needs replacing so I can load the map up in the updated version. I'd like to update as the alternatives sound better. When you see it, be gentle as yes, I'm still learning and it's probably all inefficient but worked for me as most of the setup was easy to build, hence it was used. The nuclear reactor can go as I built it, made it nuke proof (well contained the explosion anyway) in case it went off (tested it in a test world) then never bothered to turn it on. I don't have a mike so its just me doing a quick walk around. Essentially made massive quarries that send all the stuff to a sorting office which uses diamond pipes to do the sorting. All the dirt, gravel and cobblestone goes into recyclers to make scrap. The scrap gets stored currently and will/is used in the 6 mass fabricators I'd built (got taken down as I remodelled the factory. All other items run down pipes back to the factory to go into rotary macerators, and then the output goes into an induction furnace before going upstairs to be sorted into their separate boxes. Down at the quarry is an oil fabricator as have no oil in the area I've put the factory down (apart from the big oil geyser out at sea) that is being turned into fuel with an semi automation setup. Upstairs is a setup using Autocrafting tables to make LV-Solar arrays. I'm liking the sound of the DSU. Need alternatives for all this as looks like I have to rip it all down
  9. As mentioned in the other thread, that's all well and good but people new to Minecraft like me, didn't know different so when I discovered the things I could do with the IC2 machines, I built my automation around it. Not knowing what is in Big Dig that I could use to replace the IC2 automation setup is the problem. I used hoppers to delay resources going into stuff like the macerator and the electric furnace & used upgrades so they burn through the stuff really quick to stop overflow. Also using mainly solar power to power everything (built a nuclear reactor a bit away but never bothered to get it up and running). Not knowing what is in Big Dig in the new version that I could use to replace all this stuff is causing me to stick with 1.2.2
  10. I'm still running OK on 1.2.2 instead of the insults by some that us idiots should drop IC2, then it would be nice and useful to post alternatives. What items can be used to replace items being used? Items I use a lot are Jetpack Project Table Overclocker Upgrade Pump Water Mill Compressor Electro Furnace Extractor Induction Furnace Copper Tin Rubber Construction Foam Wall (protection for the are if engines blow up ) Mining Laser Nuke (when messing about) Glass fibre cable Solar panels Batbox Quite a lot of it I've used to automate stuff in the factory. Mainly not knowing anything different is the issue new people like me to Minecraft still use IC2.
  11. They can't as it doesn't work with 1.5.2 and it appears IC2 is dead and the developer no longer updates it.
  12. IC2 was removed in the new update.
  13. I know lava is slow and somewhat inefficient but I've found, in testing, that using lava to power and keeping a constantly guaranteed water flow into the engines (by being by the sea), it means I can leave the engines and forget and they never blow up, because the lava causes it to never get to its full speed. Does anyone know which part of the MetallurgyBase.cfg to change? And if you can force it to regenerate tin after the world is generated?
  14. http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/bigdig/BigDigServer-v1.2.2.zip
  15. Nice attitude for something you're getting for free.
  16. http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/servers/bigdig/BigDigServer-v1.2.2.zip
  17. I believe if you click on the cog on the launcher you can revert back to the old version.
  18. I can't be without ic2 at the moment either. But I think they have updated hoppers in 1.5.2 so you can use them as sorters. They also added the Redstone Comparator which I'm not sure what it does I've just seen Dataless822 use it on his YouTube Lets Play series, its amazing to see what he does in Minecraft with NO mods whatsoever. Having said that, I still can't update at the moment, I like my current factory setup to much and as I was learning, it took so long to do I don't want to start again.
  19. Not sure. I thought the idea of Big Dig was to make things less grindy. Yes, IndustrialCraft might not of been being updated, but its what my whole factory etc is made up of. I've automated a lot of stuff, some semi automated like the production of solar panels for the HV solar helmet I wanted, for the jet pack. Without any of that, it would ruin my game. Also, the most basic but most important object, the Project Table. Removing these items makes it all seem grindy again. Its good for people that want to update as 1.5.2 I think has the official hoppers with their update so a lot of sorting systems can just use the hoppers. But so much of my factory will be gone. I'm going to make a backup of 1.4.7, then update and see how much of my world disappears.
  20. I think you're going to have to get hold of 1.4.7 of Big Dig from someone, they should really have an option on the pack area but they appear not to. If they don't give the option to use the old version, like Tekkit Classic does, they'll kill their own mod pack.
  21. I'll have to avoid the update for awhile. I've just seen that Project Tables are part of RP2. I CAN'T cope without Project Tables :)
  22. I think it must be the world anchor being bugged. I had a pump in the nether in my main save and it appears to have done the same thing. And the other area in the nether I had setup as a mini base is now also wrecked, which wasn't near the world anchor. That area has been fine for weeks, its only since putting the world anchor down that things have gone weird. Odd.
  23. I'm on a test world where I test ideas out. I've created a pump in the nether, surrounded in a room to protect it. It is pumping lava into a Ender Tank and I put a world anchor pretty much next to where the pump is. I then go back to the overworld and build a big iron tank and put another ender tank on that. Then pump the lava into the iron tank. This works fine for a while and I can go do other things. I can't say how long it goes on for but at some point it stops working. You then go back to the nether to check why and it's like the nether has shifted while you were away, has now filled in the area where your pump was, destroying the pump and the room it was in. Only a few things that were in that room remain. Is this a bug with the world anchor or just the world itself? This is on single player.
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