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  1. Minecraft Username: Orrto Time Zone: DK Reason for Applying: I like small comunity servers and im loyal to the as well. Do you plan on staying: yes ofcourse Opinion on Explosions: not really a fan of them Are you a nice person: well i never had a ban and i played MC for a long time
  2. so good that your signs make sense to you and to those who suck up to you. but it doesnt to me or probably any other who sees the topic for the first time P.S. i didn't cross out anything. Merely just copied it and filled it out. Did not check every little thing
  3. In game name: Orrto Age:21 Location:Denmark Are you currently banned from any servers? no Minecraft experience to date:minecraft since beta ,tekkit for 1,5 years A short paragraph sentence on why you would like to play on our server: I like small community servers where you know everyone and everyone knows you
  4. chat isnt working ,no tp commands for going back to spawn ,still cant to anything.
  5. So here it is.. I got spawned somewhere in the jungle, i cant get material because somehow everything i touch is just reappearing(i went far away from the place i spawned and it still didnt work). Furthermore, i cant die. I jumped from high locations and didnt died ,i stood next to creepers and they didnt do anything, as well i cant harm them. So basically i dont know what to do in this server . Tell me when you fix everything.
  6. "you are not allowed to join this server.Goodbye!" thats what i get
  7. did you ban me or something? lol because i tried to connect just now and it didnt work
  8. no im not did you really white listed me? cause i tried to connect now and it didnt work
  9. IGN:Orrto Age:21 Reason For Applying: i am fond of small community servers Have You Ever Been Banned? If Yes Why: NO Build Style: minecraft style
  10. IGN:Orrto Reason for wanting to join:I like small community servers Experience:a long time. Magic or Science: Science is my game industrial craft is my name (no its not)
  11. Minecraft Name: Orrto Age:21 Country: Denmark Why do you want to join: i like small comunity servers If you got banned (MCBANS), explain your bans: have none
  12. seems that you have so griefing going around. have some problems with connecting ,when i add the server it shows 1.3 in red color and i have no option to join the server. ***Fixed it***
  13. In Game Name: Orrto Age:21 Time Zone: EU Tekkit Experience (Yes, No): YES Amount Played (If Yes): around 250 hours Tell us why you would like to play on our server:i like small community servers Previously Banned from a Server: no
  14. Forum Name: Orto IGN: Orrto Age: 20 Country: US Have you ever been banned?: No If you could be any superhero or villain, who would it be and why? i would be the bad guy from hereos with telekinesis powers, Because its fun to move stuff with your brain.
  15. Age 20 Location Denmark Build Style Mideval I want to join because i like closed small community servers I can offer respect and trust Email [email protected] IGN Orrto
  16. In game name Orrto Age 20 Location Denmark Are you currently banned from any servers? no Minecraft experience to date. from alpha A short paragraph on why you would like to play on our server. I like free building servers ans small communities
  17. i would play it if what whitelist me IGN Orrto
  18. IGN:Orrto Age:20 Country:Denmark Tekkit Experience: played for 5months in a small community private server Do you have a Mic: Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?: because i like small community server ,seems more stable.
  19. IGN Orrto ,i want to join your server because im fond of small community servers as yours and hope to help to sustain a stable environment during the game itself
  20. IGN Orrto AGE 20 Tekkit experience? played on a private server for 5 months,everybody was friendly, it was 20people or something. Did you read the rules yes..