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  1. Read errors? Exactly. Something is sending bad packet IDs and bad data, and causing protocol errors. Unless he's connecting with the wrong client or something.
  2. For some reason, this almost feels like bad RAM or a bad network card to me...
  3. Using a dimensional anchor to keep the chunk loaded?
  4. Here's a runthrough of an early biofuel setup I had. Some of it is wrong (liquid tesseracts don't have limits, the loss of energy tesseracts is 20% now), and some stuff can be done better (Rednet works better than the RS-NOR latch I have, and negates the need of having so many energy tesseracts, coffee beans work better than wheat), but the idea is still there. There's also a thread around discussing the use of Liquid Managers for biofuel storage instead of tanks. Also, sheep produce the same amount of sewage as cows as far as I know. The system fully manages itself without any help. http://imgur.com/a/1StxZ
  5. Yeah, I came to this same conclusion as well... it works very well!
  6. I would also add that if you send power to one Energy Tesseract from multiple sides, you will also see more on the other side. It seems that each side of the Tesseract is a seperate "session" as far as the limit is concerned. This probably occurs because you're just sending more power to the channel. Liquid Tesseracts/Item Tesseracts have no limits, but Liquiducts do.
  7. The OS of the server is Windows 8? What type of interface do you have for running your JAR? Like a command where you type something? If you have some web control panel or something, can you post a screenshot? You can run Java and point it at the JAR. I'd need to see what mechanism you have for starting an application on your host.
  8. Cool, learn something new every day. I got the other value from a wiki, guess that's wrong. Either way, that's way too much power to be going through....
  9. Just curious, where did you get the 10000 ticks?
  10. One bucket of Biofuel = 1333 MJ. If you're breezing through 12,000 buckets of Biofuel, that's like 16 million MJ overnight going through your Biofuel Generators. That's an insane amount of power... what in the world is eating all that? I'm not sure if this will work or not, but if you press F9, you can see chunks. I tried this, and the block keeping my base loaded lit up blue and I could see it through walls. I'm not sure what all blocks that detects, but maybe that will help.
  11. Are you both logging in with the same user account? You both need to have your own registered Minecraft username to play multiplayer.
  12. And you're doing it this way (in httpd.conf)? <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName yourdomainnamehere.ca ProxyRequests Off ProxyPreserveHost On <Proxy *> Order allow,deny Allow from all </Proxy> ProxyPass /mcma/ http://localhost:9001/ ProxyPassReverse /mcma/ http://localhost:9001/ RewriteRule ^/mcma$ http://yourdomainnamehere.ca/mcma/ [R,L] </VirtualHost> /yoursite/mcma should not exist or be a symlink to anything, and 9001 should of course be the port of the MCMA server.
  13. Are you trying to have the Apache actually host the pages for McMyAdmin? Or, are you trying to leave McMyAdmin where it is and access it via web pages through Apache? This second way is what the link you provided is doing: Apache is just passing the traffic off to port 9001, making it look like Apache is hosting it, when it is actually not. If the second way as outlined in the link is acceptable (for upgrading the McMyAdmin installation, this certainly seems like the easiest way), then if you're getting errors about modules not loading, it's possible they simply aren't installed. Can you post the error log you're getting when Apache fails to start?
  14. I wasn't able to observe that in my little test (too small), but that's really good to know. I would agree that covering the bottom with Liquiducts would not be the best solution then... just not a fan of all the piping on top; that prevents one from expanding it upward when more storage is needed, unless that was on the bottom. Maybe Liquid Tesseracts could be on the bottom instead... multiple tesseracts on an in channel and multiple ones on an out channel, then you expand the system upwards. Yes...
  15. Excellent work sir, I've been waiting for Liquid Manager-based storage systems to take off and for someone else to try something with them. Right now, I am using this: Input on one side and output on the other, with tesseracts on bottom. Hmm... If you're storing one liquid, can you just combine the ins and outs? That is, have the bottom layer just be liquiducts? The following seems to work (placing a Liquid Manager off the output causes the first Liquid Manager to drain): So if you have a layered system like this (this is the best I could come up with that wasn't based on your designs, 12 Liquid Managers in a 6x6 area, not more efficient than your 7x7 one, couldn't come up with anything with more in a smaller space [EDIT: I guess I could add four more, one in each of the corners, for 16 in a 6x6 space]): ...could you just have the bottom layer be just liquiducts/redstone with tesseracts out front?
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