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  1. minecraft name: hads17age: 17how long you are playing tekkit, and what your qaulities are in tekkit: I havn't really gone into Tekkit but I have done many other modpacks and my qualities would have to be nice factories that are automated quite nicelywhy you want to join this server: almost no griefing and I love smaller communites
  2. *In-game name:hads17 *What do you think about the server: very well moderated and maintained *Suggestions for the server: None!
  3. In-Game Name: hads17 Age: 16 Why do you want to play on this server: I hate crowded servers and I like knowing everyone on the server im on What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): Machines FTW!, and organization in minecraft! What DON’T you like to do: building Experience with modpack (1-10): 8.5999999 What is love: Love is where you can't get enough of it Squirtle or Pikachu: Neither, Gardevoir FTW!
  4. IGN: hads17 REAL FIRST NAME: Brad CONTACT(skype, email, YTlink, etc): Skype: Brad.sevison Email: [email protected] AGE:16 LOCATION: USA-Utah MST (mountain standard time) Pros: Great with machines and with making automatic systems Cons: not such a good builder I'm still in school so I can only put n a max of 5 hours a day but you have to consider days that I'm bummed out with homework
  5. 1: Minecraft Name-Hads17 2: What country do you live in?- US 3: Will you be uploading to YouTube, if so what is your YouTube channel?- I don't have a recording program but if i did I would post on youtube. 4: How many times a week do you plan to be on? Everyday for 2-4 hours 5: How old are you (You do not have to post on the forum if you do not want, send it to me in a private message!) I am 16 and next month I'm turning 17 6: Do you accept the rules of the server? Yes 7: Do you agree to not steal from other players? I agree
  6. Man that sucks, This server is sooooo great. the owner is so great and so are the staff. When it gets back up make sure to go on. has a nice community with friendly people and very mature.
  7. IGN:Hads17 I want to join this server because i like small servers an i love that there is no mods removed
  8. 1. IGN:hads17 2. Reason for wanting to join, please be specific: I love the fact that there is no mods removed and i also like the fact that this is small, so there will be less lag 3. Tell me a little about yourself: I am 16 and I live in Utah. I am a ballroom dancer and I have played the piano for 8 years 4. Do you fully understand all the rules?: Yes
  9. IGN*:hads17 Desired role* (see above):Administrator Age* (preferably 18+, exceptions can be made):i am 17 years old Experience with Hexxit (required for Helper): I have played hexxit ever since it came out and have been addicted to it. I have learned all the mods, ive tested with them on creative so i know what im doing and i could help with lots of questions. Past experience with servers: I have been a head adimn on a server, but then for some reason the owner jsut quit and i never talked to him again. I am also currently a helper on the infinityraid server. Plugin Knowledge:I have little plugin knowledge but I know the concept of them. I learn really fast and if you gave me a chance i would be able to help Other (Add any other information you find necessary here):I have been on this server since the first week it came out. I am currently the Supreme donator rank (captain) and I feel that i could help out this server really well, I hope just cause im under 18 makes it so im not able to help. I would also be willing to be a helper or moderator. My skype is Brad.sevison and my email is [email protected]