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  1. Ign: Irishadobo Experience in Hexxit: Played a bit on single player, still learning some of the mods Are you a PvP or PvE?: mostly PvE
  2. IGN: Irishadobo Age: 25 Just want to play my hexxit with some scrolling conversations and commentary :)
  3. I'd be interested. How many slots / when would it be up / any rules or banned items?
  4. Ditto to KingigorXII's post. Just want a crew to adventure in hexxit with got skype/teamspeak ign: irishadobo
  5. IGN: Irishadobo Age: 25 Reason: I've just started playing hexxit singleplayer and decided it'd probably be way better on a server with other people ^.^
  6. Sorry just started reading some of the other posts and while I don't think I have a ban record, how exactly would I look it up? Played on 2 vanilla servers, don't think i was banned just stopped playing them :-/
  7. Your In-Game Name: Irishadobo Age (Does not affect your chances):25 In 5-7 sentences, describe yourself: I'm an enthusiastic if introverted gamer who loves all types of games; most recently my obsession has been hexxit. I enjoy music, anime and fart jokes, not all at once please and thank you. I'm a big marvel fan. The Golden State Warriors are the best basketball team ever. I'll probably keep mostly to myself but I love reading and watching chat while gaming. Honestly, it always makes a game better. What makes you a good addition to the server?: There will be a day when you need a silent badass to show up and save everybody from that one situation you're stuck in... It probably won't be me but I'll be watching and making sarcastic remarks to keep everybody lighthearted Any ban records?(depends on the ban reason and severity): no If so, why were you banned? N/a If there's something you really wanted to do, but you are not sure if it will get you banned or not, will you choose to do it or not to do it?: not do it, then ask if I can Your previous experiences with Hexxit or Minecraft before?(Does not affect your chances in any way): my friends introduced me to minecraft, we played on our own server a few times but since then I've been in mostly single player. I've been trying out hexxit and love it What are you good at?: brainstorming, entertaining small children, remembering names, making coffee What are you bad at?: waking up early, remembering tasks without lists, gauging whether humor is appropriate in serious situations -.-'