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  1. Ign: Irishadobo Experience in Hexxit: Played a bit on single player, still learning some of the mods Are you a PvP or PvE?: mostly PvE
  2. IGN: Irishadobo Age: 25 Just want to play my hexxit with some scrolling conversations and commentary :)
  3. I'd be interested. How many slots / when would it be up / any rules or banned items?
  4. Ditto to KingigorXII's post. Just want a crew to adventure in hexxit with got skype/teamspeak ign: irishadobo
  5. IGN: Irishadobo Age: 25 Reason: I've just started playing hexxit singleplayer and decided it'd probably be way better on a server with other people ^.^
  6. Sorry just started reading some of the other posts and while I don't think I have a ban record, how exactly would I look it up? Played on 2 vanilla servers, don't think i was banned just stopped playing them :-/
  7. Your In-Game Name: Irishadobo Age (Does not affect your chances):25 In 5-7 sentences, describe yourself: I'm an enthusiastic if introverted gamer who loves all types of games; most recently my obsession has been hexxit. I enjoy music, anime and fart jokes, not all at once please and thank you. I'm a big marvel fan. The Golden State Warriors are the best basketball team ever. I'll probably keep mostly to myself but I love reading and watching chat while gaming. Honestly, it always makes a game better. What makes you a good addition to the server?: There will be a day when you need a silent
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