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  1. age: 13 how often will you play on the server? 1-2 hours are you willing to play fair? Yes will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? Very (yes)
  2. IGN: darkrockman123 Why you would be a good addition to the server: because i love to play around with other people and do not cause any problems Age: 13
  3. IGN: darkrockman123 Age: 13 Skype: Michael Block Average time you'll be on the server: 1-2 Hours Why do you want to join? To have fun with people Will you follow the rules? Very (yes)
  4. IGN: darkrockman123 Real name: Michael Skype or form of contact: Michael Block Reason: Want to play on fun servers Previous Work, if any: None
  5. IGN:darkrockman123 Age:13 Reason for wanting to join: Fun favorite mod: Voxel Minimap mod experience(how long have u been playing with mods): 1-2 years Skype(Y/N): Yes
  6. IGN:darkrockman123 Age:13 Skype:Michael Block (michael.potal) Average time you'll be on the server:2-3 hours a day Will you follow the rules?: Yes I want to join servers with these rules
  7. Title: Upside down+Mirrored screen Version: 1_0_4 OS: Mac,Version 10.8.5 Java Version: Description of Problem: When i loaded Hexxit my screen was upside down AND was mirrored Error Messages: Error Log:
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