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  1. A group of gaming livestreamers are being sponsored by various companies with prizes to help draw donations for a kid named Ethan with cancer. By watching the stream, following the channel and participating in some word games in the chat, you can win some amazing prizes. The stream is on day 1 of 7, I believe, and so far, they've raised more than $1000! I've already won a Silver Pack for a game called Blacklight Retribution, worth $60, and that's just a medium prize. AND...one of the grand prizes is a professionally hosted minecraft server for a year! (This is why I thought you guys might be interested) Other prizes include steam games, xbox games and avatar stuff, bobbleheads, all sorts of cool stuff for various games, like the pack I won, etc. If you want some prizes, or want to donate to the cause, or just feel like watching some cool gamers game some games, head to: twitch.tv/rizeupgaming
  2. Yaaay! Not-dead is the best kind of texture pack! :D
  3. Any chance of uploading to a site you don't have to sign up to?
  4. Yay!~ I love the Marble + Basalt textures in particular. Awesome work! That game looks neat btw.
  5. That's amazing texture work. Looks almost 32x.
  6. Holy S**t! They're gorgeous! I love how big the contribution community of Doku is. :)
  7. RPG-FPS are my favies, espectially when combined with open world or survival horror elements. I'm very specific. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R games are my cocaine. I'm trying to buy a new computer just to be able to use the MISERY 2.0 mod for Pripyat.
  8. As far as I know, the only texture packs for Technic/Tekkit reside on this board. If it's not here, I doubt it's out there.
  9. Pretty much. If you're referring to "basic" in my post, I mean it'll be simpler, haha.
  10. Basic sorting systems will be heaps easier now. You just hook up a manager to your chest, put 1 stack of each item you want in it, and the manager will continually refill the chest with whatever you take out from wherever else in your network. Gonna be sweet.
  11. Nope. More customisable books, portals can be edited to work within the same world, you can take books with you when you use them, etc. Good shizzle.
  12. I just found if you click the logo, it opens their page. TELLING us that would have helped though.
  13. This belongs in off-topic, but seems like an interesting question. Too bad it's reeeeeally vague what you're asking. I'd love to try contribute if you rephrase the question a bit. Or someone translates and points out what a dummy I am. :)
  14. Dr Shads is an inspiration to us all.
  15. 1.) Made_You_Look 2.) Australia UTC+10 3.) 19 4.) ...what would even be the point of writing this if I didn't agree? 5.) It sounds neat. Also, no EE, good hardware and large world are bonuses.
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