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  1. Name: Ghiojo Age bracket: 15-25 TZ : EST Best thing you ever built: My awesome medieval castle with a 7 levels dungeon down it with secret passages, traps, storage rooms, jails, etc etc Why this server?: Beacuse i would like to join a nice tiny community, i want to play with lots of guys and not with the same 3, want an active comunitie and i hope this is one of those thanks for your attention, if i spell wrong please forgive me but my first language is spanish and i need to learn a bit more english.
  2. my solar panels worked and then one day. bum stopped to work (im talking about the same update) and now my freaking energy storage cell its almost empty
  3. Hey Im Ghiojo thx for accepting me in! actually wanted to ask if you would do it in last update that just came out, i cant enter my old servers and just beacuse you dont even started it if you can do it in the version 1.0.6 of the modpack, thx for your attention PD: actually i dont think plugins for this its a good idea, just let it like java one xD like the vanilla and also beacuse its whitelisted, the rules wil work enough for us.
  4. Minecraft name: Ghiojo Where are you from?: Peru Why are you applying?: Beacuse i want to play a server with people of attack of the b team, i think its awesom How well do you know the mods in this modpack?: i know well most of em, Carpenters blocks, galacticraft, tinkers, thermal expansion a bit. How old are you?: (Under 18)/(18-28)(28+): under 18 (15) but im really mature and helpfull How often do you think you will be on the server?: Everyday for now im in vacations, then idk well PD: if i spell wrong its not beacuse im a kid, my first language its spanish and its a bit difficult to me to write well
  5. Hello Im Ghiojo and i want to be on the server,here its theinformation 1.age: 15 2.a way to contact you for ip address: My Skipe: Ghioje 3.wether you want to be a dedicated player to try to move up to admin and help the server grow: yes, but i want to play more than be admin 4.male or female: Male 5willing not to complain: I will try, i have 4 years of expreience being staff in servers and i get more annoyed of some stuff but i will try to say them the most no-complaining form that i can.