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  1. IGN: asbjoern11 Age: 15 Why i want to join: Because i am looking for a server with friendly people and the ability to build where i want without getting griefed Skype: I would like not to tell it Modpack Knowledge: Ive played a bit now but im still not very good Do you agree to the rules: 'course man, i always do :-D
  2. I want to join this server beacuse i love servers where you respect eachother and my name is asbjoern11

  4. Username: asbjoern11 Age: im almost standing proud 13 Where did you find the server: i found the list for servers on the technic server page and looked for whitelisted small community servers Why do you want to play on the server: I love small servers where its like playing singleplayer but its multiplayer, and you aren't douchebags to eachother. Knowledge of the modpack: Ive played alot and watched Chim's playthrough, and some ok Jpit's tutorials, but i dont know THAT much. What i want to achieve: I want to be a master shaman and have lots of friends in a guild, which HQ is a giant To
  5. App: I gonna join this server because my good friend is playing on it(asbjoern11) and i think i gonna hang out with him IGN: wildghost100 What is your favorite mod in the pack? Carpenters Mod are you a builder, explorer, or tech genuis? Builder Age: 13 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6jJMdotWA8KXTKDswLN70A This was a post made by one of my friends on my account because he couldnt log onto his own and we were in school so we had to hurry, could you please let him in? he's an awesome builder and a great friend of mine
  6. Joined an awesome AOTBT server today, so excited to get really started :D!

  7. App: I wish to be whitelisted on your server because i need a server thats like singleplayer, but with other people you can befriend and if you're Lucky, become neighbours with and prank a lil' bit :3 IGN: asbjoern11 Favorite Mod(s): Witchery (Cuz of the pranking x) and Morph, but im still Inexperienced so There's still alot for me to discover. Type Of Minecrafter: As i said in above, im still Inexperienced in AOTBT but in normal MC im a pretty OK builder and i love to explore Mountains and rivers and such, i can just imagine it inside my head . Experience with the mods: Ive wa
  8. 1. How old are you? Im 12, nearly 13 (only two months, baby! ) 2. Where do you live? : I live in Denmark, in one of the most southern areas on the biggest of the smallest island ^.^ 3. Are you new to mods? [Yes or no] No, ive played technic pack for 1 ½ years 4. What do you plan on doing on the server? building an awesome base, making friends and and actually be using some of the modpacks and having fun at the same time. 5. How much do you play? Differs alot, sometimes whenever i get home from school until late night and sometimes only brief 20 min.
  9. IGN: asbjoern11 Thoughts about server: i dont have much i just started, but it seems like a good one, not much lag and easy to understand, has all the mods i need and you know. i dont think anything about the server should be changed, lag free would be nice but thats impossible
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