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  1. i have a massive mob grinder using at least 4 witch spawners and multiple other spawners, i use a reactant dyanamo with gunpowder and mob essence and i pipe the extra resources into deep storage units, i love it
  2. you can generate an iron golem using 4 iron bloscks and a pumpkin in this pattern. pumkin iron block iron block iron block iron block
  3. you only need 2 aqueous accumulators to power 1 steam turbine
  4. correct it also happens if you open up more than 1 launcher
  5. i just use 2 aqueous accumulator to power 1 steam turbine (one isn't enough) and just get a bunch of them. unlimited power from just water!!!
  6. What morph are you using. Get a flying morph, and like always double tap space
  7. The brackets [ and ] scroll down your list of morphs, if you have more than one version of the morph you hole shift and scroll while over the morph. The favorites key (~ or ` Which is the button below escape) sets your favorites and allows easy access to them without using your morph list
  8. 1. As far as i know there isn't a biome that spawns more emeralds than others. 2. What should happen is you drop the villager in and he will take damage, when he dies you get 1/4 of a emerald. 3. If you have no emeralds wait until you can pour 9 liquefied emeralds in a casting basin. take the block get the nine emeralds and make a emerald mold with 1 aluminium brass or 2 gold (you do this by placing the emerald in a casting table and letting the liquid out onto it with a seared faucet.) and BOOM emeralds.
  9. This was happening to me, all i had to do was update my java to 1.7
  10. So i'm playing and i decide to make a underwater ocean base since I learned about the water wand (tropicraft) and it is supposed to remove water blocks. So i finish my base and try to use it, it takes away the water for a second then the water comes right back, the wand said it absorbed X blocks of water but nothing has changed. I keep using it anyway and it works, sort of, it takes away blocks in only certain places. It would be a great help if someone knew how to fix it or tell me how it works.
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