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  1. Also, for my input, it is good to think outside the box, but sometimes in doing so, you overlook what actually is there, something that is easily found by thinking inside the box. Just saying.
  2. IC2 used to definitely be one of the core tech mods. But now, just to add my bit (because I can ), we have many replacements. TE does wonderfully at autosmelting and doubling of ores AND handles BC power in a great way, Powersuits takes the place a weapon with high damage and durability, and then you still have the ability to add other features to it, whereas with IC2 you had the (diamond) drill and chainsaw. Oh, and crops that give you extra materials (gold/iron dust, etc...)? Forestry and extrabees. Honestly, I only use IC2 itself to power rotary macerators, induction furnaces, and my AE system, as well as my Gravisuit and Vajra (which I'm considering swapping out for MMPS). And I'm sure if you really want beer in MC you can go find a mod somewhere that'll give you that. TL;DR It's not that much to read. Stop being lazy and read it.
  3. I believe you may be lost...have you tried the bug section of the forums?
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    And you think most logic does apply? You put basic materials on top of a wooden bench in a pattern and it magically turns into something more complicated. And you punch things to destroy them.
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    You forget that iChun did see through portals. Did create some lag for sure, but its the same basic thing.
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    You can use machines from TE to keep the cans from being destroyed. It's what I used before switching over to tesseracts. But I don't know if you have that option (running DW20 pack here. Lost track of whats in what since I switched).
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    Hmm, I do believe they should work, but I never tried them. As for other means of doing it, liquiducts, liquid tesseracts, and RP2 pipes all do that. I don't know what mods you have, but you should at least have RP2. If you don't, shame on you.
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    Plus the filler doesn't drop blocks, whereas his tool will.
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    Just like with EE2, it was left at 1.2.5 and the newer TC3 is now for newer versions.
  10. Manager, yes. I personally have Filters and hoppers feeding into the top, and then a Router below my Mass Fab pulling the scrap out from the other side of the room and ejecting it right up into the Mass Fab. Only have to monitor the UUM, but that takes a while to accumulate.
  11. Are you piping the cobble into the machine? And if so, into the bottom? Input for items is top only. Batteries go in the bottom side, and output is through the sides.
  12. And don't forget to read the rules, while you're at it.
  13. Keep a good stock of it. Someday it'll be very useful, and everyone will have sold it off for other stuff. Then everyone will come running to the people who hold it and then they'll be the richest!
  14. *sigh* The Minecraft servers are being hammered since 1.5 just released. There is nothing wrong with your Minecraft. Just wait until the servers aren't as hammered. Also, look at other threads next time, since there's been other people posting about the exact same thing.
  15. Direwolf20's Season 2 SMP series was proof of that.
  16. Even so, most basic spell checkers can detect minor imperfections in spelling and fix it, and some of the better ones can somewhat handle the stuff he's spewing onto the page. I know Chrome has a spell checker built in, and it's actually pointing out your name(in the quote code), IIRC, and perceiving* as being incorrect. Not that difficult if a little effort is put into it.
  17. Buildcraft Fillers. Make sure to have a good power supply though, as it'll take a fair amount if your project is that big. look up how to use them on the Technic Wiki and/or the Buildcraft Wiki.
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    You should try posting in the right section. Small Scale Recruitment Thread, IIRC.
  19. If Optifine and something like GameBooster can't increase FPS, then your only other option is to basically get a better computer. You can only do so much to help it. Stop complaining when people give you advice based on what you put. Noone knew you don't have the money for it until you said it.
  20. I really wish people would learn to read the logs...(Just a general complaint) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 228 is already occupied by [email protected] when adding [email protected] Block ID conflict. Even tells you what blocks conflict in what slot. Go into the config and fix it manually. And don't forget to include the fixed config in the modpack zip file.
  21. Indeed. I enjoyed BTW before FC decided to be, well, a Flowerchild. I wasn't really dissing BTW (only the stupid shit he's put in).
  22. So he's like the slightly-less-crazy semi-FlowerChild of the forge community. Cool.
  23. I remember it being said that you can do exactly that in the video. Make a modpack.jar with the jar mods you want and pt it in the bin folder. And to update a mod, just rename it to what the mod installed is, and put it in the mods folder. Seemed to me like it was explained pretty well. And I only watched it once.