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  1. IGN 2K3As First name call me kanun Skype is kanunyeah About me I'm asian from thailand if you wondered but i lived in US nice funny and like to play mine craft I want to join because i like attack of the b team mod pack and want to play with other people. No comments.
  2. still looking for new player? if so IGN 2K3As Skype kanunyeah mic Yes Why umm I like this mob pack and would love to have player that play it with and small sever seem to be way to go
  3. I'm 17 asian, from Thailand if you wondered. i'm not a serious type of person, funny, friendly and like to help out other people as much as I can. I play this moded pack a lot by myself I'll play as much as i can cuz i only have some football practice and hang around with my friends sometimes. Like i said i'm from thailand but living in Us. my Skype is kanunyeah IGN is 2K3As
  4. 2K3As I don't have youtube i'm 17 Glis6 kanunyeah/[email protected] Ya if i love a sever Red Ya i have been play this mob by myself for a while ,and it's summer!
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