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  1. So you know what to do to get more ram, it's just you're running into a sort of error when you try to run it?
  2. Username: Montyis1000 Skype: Sensual Poptart (Try Maverickis1000 if that doesn't work) Age: 14 Timezone: UTC Why you want to be on the server: I've honestly been looking for a server with no banned items, a kind of small community and people that can be nice without having to ask them.
  3. Ign: Montyis1000 Age: 14 Why should you be white-listed: I just wanna play a simple server with full trust for everyone and where nobody is a complete jerk. ( I will also help build anything that's needed) Have you ever ban banned or greifed?: Once, but I don't usually like greifing. For one it takes too long and for two it doesn't make a game fun Anything else we should know?: I am a really active player and you might not accept me, because I greifed and been banned, but consider me, please. Thanks!
  4. IGN: Montyis1000 Skype (will contact you with this if your accepted): Sensual Poptart (If that doesn't work, try Maverickis1000) Do you accept the rules?: Indeed Age: 14 Youtube: AndroChronic (But I don't record, yet) How active you will be: Very Why should I pick you?: Well, I can't really give you a good reason, other than i can help with server things, if needed and I'll try and help the growing community
  5. Minecraft username: Montyis1000 Where you found this server? Technic forums Why you want to be on this sever? Because im tired of open servers where people just like to be jerks. What are you planning on doing on the server? really just having fun and helping out as much as i can. Your favourite colour? Royal purple'ish
  6. I don't know if i still can, but I'm interested in joining and I'm never really Immature, as far as i hear, so ill join if you'll let me My Skype: montyis1000 (try Maverickis1000 if that doesnt work) My MC name is Montyis1000 My age: 14 ( Might be a deal breaker, but hey, that's your choice, right?)
  7. I'm 15 and I know you're looking for 16, but i'm not immature as far as i've been told. My Skype name is Montyis1000 (or try maverickis1000 if that doesn't work) my MC name is Montyis1000. so yeah Maverick
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