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  1. Thanks. Will definitely try it out. Hmm... Needs some programming. No thing's for free. Pickaxe durability will have to be in the code.
  2. Can you elaborate on that? My first ideas about it are trickery and magic but can a turtle have an activator in its inventory and place it... and work with it?
  3. Hi there tekkit community. Here's my first topic so I'm open to suggestions. Is there a way of automate mining of redstone ore as with Silk Touch pickaxe? My first idea was a laser drill with red focus but it's a power hungry device on my game level.
  4. Neat trick you found there.. But when I see redstone smashed and not pulverized for cinnabar I cry.
  5. If a tesseract isn't an option you can put an ender tank with some kind of fuel (lava/oil/fuel), 8 dynamos (eg. magmatic for lava) and an energy cell (as a buffer) to power it providing the fuel from a second ender tank (with the same colouring) from the base or another chunk loaded place (eg. a huge lava pit somewhere else with a pump). The items from the quarry can be sent through an ender chest but need to be ejected fast from the other ender chest (with the same colouring) in the base or any other chunk loaded place by itemducts (set to eject) or import bus to a bigger storage place. Ender tank setting: blue up - sender, red up - receiver. This way is more complex but for some mid game level is cheaper on the resources. On the chunk loading: You absolutely need to be sure about chunk loading. Quarry loads the chunks with the frame and one chunk with the quarry itself. There's a chance that the quarry will land in the border of a chunk and the connected tesseract/DSUs/chests will stand outside of the loaded chunks. Don't do it blind. After the quarry is placed and the yellow/black frame is visible (before powering the quarry) press F9 couple times looking at the sky. Yellow rectangles will show up that indicate the loaded (force loaded) chunks. Don't put any equipment outside the chunks with the yellow skies. Chunk borders will be also visible. When done press F9 until the chunk markers disappear. If you put something outside the loaded chunks and leave the perimeter the machines will unload with the chunks leaving a crippled or not powered quarry. P.S. I'm a lava freak and I hate tesseracts as one ate my items from a quarry placed on top of a abandoned mine shaft.
  6. Had swim assist, had jet boots, had jump assist. Carried my stuff in two strongboxes. Fell into a 3 block deep cryotheum. New death point showed up on the minimap. Couldn't find the strongboxes.
  7. Another fun fact: you cannot swim upwards in gelid cryotheum - learned the hard way. Jet boots ain't going to help you at all, and your stuff is gone now...
  8. (i used diamond pipes in the beginning to do a quick sort at the dig site and seperate cobble, dirt, gravel,... from all the useful materials... You can do it with itemducts without any filtering setup: quarry -> vanilla chest on top-> itemduct with servo sucking out, and a series of DSUs (cobble, gravel, dirt, sand?, marble?) than a series of chests (diamond?) or an ender chest. Just don't go with corners on the itemducts.... Trust me. Back on the topic: I read somewhere about a script for turtles with mining just the good stuff and replace it with something else. Just as quick as a quarry. Personally I put my cobble where it came from (filler from buildcraft) and a nice layer of dirt on top (my entire island looks like a flatland).
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