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  1. IGN: MhykolTMA AGE: 15 WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: Im looking for a nice, easy going, "non-hostile" server to play on! SKYPE: aweseome1 (yes its spelled like that) WHAT WOULD YOU ENJOY DOING ON THE SERVER: Building, talking to the other members, and helping them out!
  2. Hey, My IGN is MhykolTMA, Live in the USA Age: 15 I love to build, and i hate when people raid or grief me on a modpack. I DO NOT like Griefing or PVP at all!! e-mail : [email protected] Let me know if I can join. I can tell you more on Skype or pm me on here!
  3. IGN: MhykolTMA Age:15 Why you want to join: I'm looking for a nice friendly community to play on Do You have Skype (I need to send IP to you): Yes If so then Whats Skype Username: aweseome1 (yes it is spelled like that.)
  4. Age: 15 In Game Name: MhykolTMA Timezone: EST About you: Ive been playing minecraft for around 5 years, i know alot about the game, im a great builder, im loyal, i dont grief, and ive been looking for a whitelisted minecraft server. Describe your Minecraft experience: Like i said, ive played since the alpha version Have you ever been banned? if yes why?-Doesn't mean you will be declined automatically: I've been banned plenty of times. Not going to lie, I sometimes enjoy using a bit of xray to find a base in vanilla, but im looking for a peaceful server to play on AOTBT Why pick this s
  5. Minecraft Name: MhykolTMA Skype Name: aweseome1 Age: 15 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 10 Favorite Mod: micro blocks Do you plan to record? yessir What do you like to do in Minecraft? build, fight mobs, everything really Why do you want to be in this server? im looking for a great aotbt server and i want one thats whitelisted:D What else should we know about you? Im very funny and not mean at all, im bad at player vs player so you dont have to worry about me killing you
  6. Basics: I play aotbt all the time and hate griefers i want a nice friendly community In game name: MhykolTMA Age:15 Timezone:GMT-5 (eastern time) About You: Im 15 and can play this all the time Describe your Minecraft experience: ive been playing since pre alpha Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: i used to own a very popular server named highcraft i sold it for $1000 Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened: Ive been banned plenty of times, never on an aotb server. What skills do you bring to this server? i wo
  7. IGN: MhykolTMA Age: 14 Location: Nebraska, USA Modpack experience 1 to 10: 10 Building skills 1 to 10: 10 Why you?: I'm a great builder, building since i started playing (minecraft beta 1.3) also like to have fun with people who are friendly Anything extra you want to add?: n/a
  8. Minecraft Username: MhykolTMA Age: 17 A bit about yourself: Major builder, good with all the mods included on the pack, great with redstone. Why should you be invited? Ive been looking for a Attack Of The B Team server with a few people on it for awhile. I want to be in a friendly server, where i cant be raided or griefed. I hate griefing, probably because i build get griefed so much -.- . I like being pranked and/or pranking (:
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