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  1. Still not working. You may had reach you limit account permission.
  2. because nothing in Italy arrives ahead of time
  3. Our server tekkit + forestry and mystcraft with 6 people work fine. We had like 50 worlds and only world with players are active.
  4. I must agree that EE using is OP. Because EE: - has a larger scale of leveling (from 1 Energy block to omega) - very easy to use. Almost idiotic compare with other mods. - Collectors are like a factory in one block - Transmutation table is like a cheating card game. Make furnace any kind complete useless. - op tools. make obsolete miners, quarry, any automation of mining. All benefits in one, like lord of the ring - end game in EE is way to powerfully compare to other mods. and scale of progress in EE is linear and easy. Even so, some benefits are so cool, that I am prefer to have EE in tekkit, because is so handy. I hope EE3 will made mixture EE with technic much better. An improvement can be time of conversion to be significant not instant like now.
  5. 2012-08-08 22:05:26 [sEVERE] A critical error has occurred. java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: codechicken.nei.PositionedStack.<init>(Ljava/lang/Object;II)V at mistaqur.nei.forestry.ForestryRecipeHandler$CachedShapedRecipeInternal.setIngredients(ForestryRecipeHandler.java:52) at mistaqur.nei.forestry.FabricatorRecipeHandler$CachedFabricatorRecipe.<init>(FabricatorRecipeHandler.java:45) at mistaqur.nei.forestry.FabricatorRecipeHandler.loadUsageRecipes(FabricatorRecipeHandler.java:137) at codechicken.nei.TemplateRecipeHandler.getUsageHandler(TemplateRecipeHandler.java:203) at codechicken.nei.GuiUsageRecipe.getCurrentRecipeHandlers(GuiUsageRecipe.java:43) at codechicken.nei.GuiRecipe.c(GuiRecipe.java:32) at vp.a(SourceFile:97) at gb.a(GuiContainer.java:58) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(Minecraft.java:641) at gb.containerKeyPress(GuiContainer.java:354) at gb.a(GuiContainer.java:329) at vp.j(SourceFile:136) at vp.i(SourceFile:114) at gb.i(GuiContainer.java:419) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(Minecraft.java:1571) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(Minecraft.java:825) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:753) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  6. boborene bobomagda I love to play on friendly server with whole mods (+forestry) Regards, InGameName:boborene InGameName:bobomagda About me: love to play industrial technic Location: EU Why Tekkitia?: forestry +, friendly, whitelisted = server who had all my prefered mode and is stable from destruction and griefing Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed? OFC, that why I am joining.
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