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  1. Just ducky... although she was 96 I'm still gonna miss my Gran. Now they are all gone & so is the heritage & stories with them. :'(

  2. Sweet Deal! Loving that someof my buddies from our old server are joining me here on rTr :D Just stoked!!

  3. Is there a way to post pictures on here?

    1. Valkon
    2. Ysharma


      imgur.com is your friend.

    3. ICs_Mouse


      Thank you very much. Getting that done now :D I appreciate the help.

  4. If rl was like MC I'd be very productive, generous & wealthy within 1 month. :D

    1. disconsented


      Then inflation so diamonds would be worthless

    2. houzooboy


      then EE3 would come along and everything would be worth nothing....

    3. Munaus



    1. ICs_Mouse


      2 new ones are loaded, sorry about the sound quality. I have 7 months of video to slog thru. :( I'm just way to addicted to MC LOL ROFL

  5. Why do creepers have 4 feet when they only should have 1 so they can sneak better?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. islands420


      4 feet,1 foot.... they still go KABLAMBO!

    3. dwwojcik


      I think I'd see a hopping green thing more easily than a silently gliding green thing.

    4. TheBytemaster


      That makes me think of my first encounter with a ROFLconda in hack/mine. I almost fell out of my spinney chair.

  6. If McDonald's played MC would the serve Zombie Flesh on the menu? hmmm

    1. poryy


      No, the real question is if it would be any different from what they usually serve.

    2. Mooseman9
  7. If Macdold's played MC would they serve Zombie flesh on the menu? hmmm

    1. dwwojcik


      Yes, but they'd have you install a custom resource pack when you log in to make it look like a hamburger.

  8. You will have to teach me a few things. I'm use to playing Unleashed BoP LOL What is your username? ICs_Mouse I prefer Mouse What is your name? Marianne How old are you? 25 with 26 yrs xp..ok ok 51 LOL Location (State or City & Country)? I am in a state of perpetual smart-assedness I don't live in a city, but the bush country we live in is refered to as BFNW aka Camper, Manitoba Canada Have you ever been banned? Not to my knowledge & you will not find me on mcbans.com Which mod packs are you most familiar with? Unleashed & I love Tinker Construct
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