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  1. GN: wyatt_02 Age: 18 Why you want to join: Ive been looking for a smaller server to play on Tell me about yourself (Optional): I am 18 years old, I live in California (OC). Do You have Skype (I need to send IP to you): yes If so then Whats Skype Username: wyatt_bair/ thank you for your time
  2. IGN: wyatt_02 First Name: Wyatt Skype: wyatt_bair Age: 18 What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Building and Exploring Most importantly write a paragraph: My favorite Cheese is asgio and pepper jack. Truthfully I just want to play on a mature server. Without BS
  3. Age: Why do you want to play on this server: I would like to be a part of a community server that is whitelisted. What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): Build, Mine, Farm What DON’T you like to do: smelt ores Experience with modpack (1-10): 8 What's your favorite anime character (if you watch)?: I do not watch If you found 100 dollars on the floor, what would you do with it?: spend half, donate the other half
  4. IGN: wyatt_02 Age: 18 Timezone: PST About You: Friendly, funny, charismatic. Why you Want to Join: I want to be a part of a small community of players What are you good at in this modpack: A selective few of the mods How often will you be on: As much as possible
  5. Id like to play IGN: wyatt_02 Age: 18 From U.S. (California) Let me know if you have more questions
  6. In game name: wyatt_02 Age: 18 Timezone: PST About You: I am very outgoing, I love to build and explore, and prank:) Describe your Minecraft experience: Started 3 years ago. Ive love mods to death Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: Some, been on a few, but never felt like ive been part of a "real" server. Have you ever been banned? This is not necessarily a deal-breaker, but please explain what happened: Nope What attracted you to this particular server? Looked interesting. Thanks:)
  7. IGN: wyatt_02 Why you should be accepted?: I am friendly and I love to joke around, but i can also be serious. What mod do you plan to focus on?: witchery, project red, and TC. What do you like to do in Minecraft/AOTB (ex. Build, Explore, etc.): Build, Explore, and craft
  8. Minecraft Name: wyatt_02 Skype Name: wyatt_bair Age: 18 Experience with Attack of the BTeam! (1-10): 7 Favorite Mod: Witchery, Project Red Do you plan to record? Probably not. What do you like to do in Minecraft? Build and Explore Why do you want to be in this server? I want to be on a mature server and have fun What else should we know about you? I love to joke around and prank, but I can also be serious.
  9. Application: In-game name : wyatt_02 Age: 18 Fave color for starter kit: Blue Timezone/Country: Pacific Time (US)
  10. IGN : wyatt_02 Skype : wyatt_bair Age :18 Why you want to join : I want to be a part of a mature and awesome server. Experience in the Attack of the B Team mod pack : Some: i havent gone into all the mods in depth.
  11. Application IGN: wyatt_02 Age: 19 Skype: wyatt_bair In game skills: Witchery and project red, i also love to build Why you feel you should be accepted: I am mature, but I also love to have fun and prank
  12. IGN: wyatt_02 Age: 18 Location:(You Dont Have To Share If Don't Want To):California, USa Why Would You Like To Join: I am looking for a nice whitelisted server. How Much Experience Have You Got In AOTBT: Some, mostly in witchery, and project red What Mod Are You Best At: Withcery and project red Skype:(If You Have It): wyatt_bair
  13. Minecraft name? wyatt_02 What country do you live in? usa (Ca) Skype name? wyatt_bair Do you upload to Youtube? Channel? Maybe, Age? 18 Acceptance of server rules? yeah!!!
  14. IRL Name: Wyatt In-Game Name: wyatt_02 Skype: wyatt_bair Age: (14-18, no longer accepting people who are above 20 sorry) : 18 How Active Will You Be? Very Why Have You Chosen To Join This Server?: becasue i am looking for a mature server. How Experience Are You With The Modpack: (Rate: 1-10) 8 What Are You Wanting To Do On The Server?: Build, Witch, Chat
  15. In Game Nick: wyatt_02 Skype: wyatt_bair Age: 18 Country: US (California) Modpack Experience: played alone for a bit, it got boring. Basic Online Times: 12pm-4pm Favorite Mod: Witchery , project red Why do you want to play on the Server: I amlooking for a smill-like server and i believe that your server is perfect for me:) What do you like to do on the Server: build, prank, and witch What should we know about you: My mind moves fast, so I may seem scatter brained. Also I am funny, and love to joke around and have fun.
  16. APPLICATION IGN: wyatt_02 Age: 18 Why I want to be apart of the server: I have been looking for a medium server, and I think your will be the best for me. Am I familiar with Attack of the B-Team: Yes, I have been playing for a while. What mods am I the best at: Witchery, project red. Will you respect other player,stuff, and Builds: Yes, How long have I played Minecraft: 3-4 years Have I ever made it into any other whitelisted servers: Yes, I have been on a couple, they all crashed and never went up again. How much will you be able to play: 4-6 Hours What is my Skype: wyatt_bair
  17. 1. IGN: wyatt_02 2. Age: 18 3. Maturity Level (1-10):8 4. Experience with AOTBT: 5. Skype Name: wyatt_bair 6. Personality: I am funny, and i love to joke around and 7. Good at Building?: Yes, I would say so. 8. Why should you be accepted?: I should be accepted,because I am fun, and i believe that i would be a great addition to your server. I, Wyatt , have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor.
  18. IRL name (First Name): Wyatt In Game Name: wyatt_02 Skype name (mandatory): wyatt_bair Age: (13-99): 18 How experienced are u with the mod pack: (1-10) : 5 overall, i am better with a selective set of mods. What do you want to do on the server: Build, play pranks, make friends. Why you should join the server: I should join, because I am matur, but I can take a joke. Will you be recording and if so what is your channel? (Optional): Probably not,unless asked
  19. IGN: wyatt_02 Age: 18 Skype: wyatt_bair Any build you planning on doing? A magnificent magical castle. What are your favroite mod(s) in AotBT?: Witchery and Carpenters Mod. How long have you been playing AotBt?:About a month, but I have been playing played selective mods for the mod pack by themselves. Anything else I need to know? I love pranks , I can take a joke. I am sort of competitive. thanks
  20. IGN: wyatt_02 Age:18 What you are good at: I am proficient in witchery. I am a fairly good builder. Why should I pick you/why do you want to join: You should pick me because i have been looking for a white-listed server (I have played on multiple other servers but non of them have been white-listed, I have also ran my own white-listed server. I believe that I would be a great addition to your server. Time Zone: Pacific (California) Skype: wyatt_bair
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