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  1. Do you know how to creta e modpacks i have no idea nad i came across your profile and thought you would know

    1. Dregonna


      I just messed up my message alot!
    2. jominer247


      You sure did.
  2. Looking for someone to create a Modpack for me i have the Mod list but Not a name

    1. SkullCrasherGr
    2. jominer247


      I'll create a modpack for ya
  3. Weel actually they can't add that because the have morph mod which would mess it up and become a little bit weird also if you want it added to to the creators not us dumb guy!
  4. Ohgaming's Planet X has been removed from the Website It sucks i had ideas for mods to put in for you guys though if you would allow me i have an idea for an even cooler Modpack!
  5. I need someone to make a me a modpack i have no idea how to make them so if someone would for me i will give them the list of mods and they could add a few mods too also I will give the name they dont have to use it i'm just suggesting the name.
  6. IM looking for someone that can make me a modpack

    1. Stop mocking me0

      Stop mocking me0

      I have a topic about this under platform pagoda.
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