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  1. Why do you wish to join this whitelisted tppi server? Well I want to join the server for a few reasons, one reason is because i haven't found any good servers in so long that it makes me sad. Another reason why is because i feel like i could have fun with this server and the people that possibly join. Are you a good person? I am a good person I often help people on servers I've been on and i rarely do PvP/Griefing How old are you (this really doesn't matter because i'm probably younger than you) 18..... I'm a vet. minecraft player haha Will you play regularly? I plan to play regularly,
  2. minekniht103 18 zebe_97 (jerek Winters) ya, im mainly a builder and i don't really want to fight
  3. 1. In Game Name: mineknight103 2. Age: 17 3. Experience with AOTBT: alot I have been playing since it came out in March (when i started at least) 4. Skype Name: ZEBE97 5. Personality: i like to play minecraft with a group of ppl but not a lot of ppl, i will help with the server if needed but would prefer not to and i can be a big player on the server 6. Good at Building?: yea i have even built stuff for professional servers like world of Keralis 7. Why should you be accepted?: to be honest I'm interested in this server to show some ppl what i can do and just to chill around with some good ma
  4. Age: 17 IGN: mineknight103 Skype:zebe_97 Youtube Channel (If you have one):Fugi_Gamer how often will you play on the server? ill be on the server a lot are you willing to play fair? why wouldn't i but if its ok i will do little pranks will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? yes i just wanna join to play with some ppl and expand my knowledge of this modpack
  5. hey whats up man i wanna join the server. Minecraft name: mineknight103 What country do you live in:United States of America Do you have Skype: i do and its zebe_97 Do you upload to Youtube? Channel: i do and it has 2600 subs Age: 17 Acceptance of server rules: i do accept the rules OF THIS SEVER!!!!!
  6. Anyone have any good servers for the modpack Attack of the Bteam if so please tell me im a youtuber that is in need of a new server so if you have a server or want to share one with me that would be cool
  7. i like dr pepper

    1. dwwojcik


      I'm more of a root beer person myself

    2. disconsented


      I am quite the Connoisseur with grape flavored soda

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