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  1. Tinkers construct. Thats the first thing you should do. Then try to kill a bat for early flight. This is useful in building and mining. Then do thermal expansion. This will help to make better item/liquid storage, and energy to... Make a renewable energy tree farm+steam dynamo set up with MFR. Get a way into mfr, for food, crops, etc. Once you are far along, make a laser drill with a big source of power. Optionally, make a setup to process the ores made. Then start witchery. This is best started last as it uses up a lot of stuff and doesn't directly pay for itself.
  2. Lumber axe (what that guy said) If I wanted to add it the food+tree thing is useful, thanks for that, that shows you care
  3. Thaumcraft no, its too extensive/themed to fit in (same reason ic2 wasn't added or build craft-tiers are mostly discouraged) Applied energistics no, basically does the same thing as project red in a lot more expensive and complicated way Jetpacks maybe, it would fit in with the theme but there are already 3+ cheaper ways to fly in the pack.
  4. My creations got killed by some jerk (aka my brother).
  5. Oooooh,that seems a little cruel though What I want is to post the odd things that you manually created for fun, as i did.
  6. I just found out theres this weird mod that has strange... well.... things spawn on beaches (glitch?). I was confused by all these odd-looking creatures walking about my resort (welcome to shea bob). Then I found out what they were. Breed, breed, kill a weird deformed one, breed, breed. Suddenly I have an army of (useless) monsters. First off all, whats the use of darwin mobs? Second, they're cool even as useless wheat-wasters, so post the abominations you've made on this thread! An a-hole came and killed my mutant army, so thats not seen here Third, I'd like to call att
  7. Well, i still want a list just for clarity not to mention to see if i can exploit something with it
  8. I hope the mech turnings fixed its so annoying. I don't get the portal glitch.
  9. Use project red. It has a much simpler and cheaper item sorting/request system, albeit a very slow one. It requires no energy as another plus.
  10. Does anyone have a full recipe list for the unifier? Like, what items/liquids can be converted into what? Feel free to post a link if this already is somewhere and I didn't see it. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm not being perverted. Thats a cool looking pole. Never plant the sacred rubber tree. It is like shoving a tow truck into a squirrel. You may be able to do it if you're magic, but the end result is not gonna be pretty.
  12. Oh yeah, and the only mechs problem i can see is they don't turn. Imagine jetpacks on those things....
  13. Extra utils, maybe, ww2 no, it depends on the real bteam. I have a creative power cell from my admin friend i win
  14. You all are banned. The end. Game, set, match.
  15. I'd say youtube comments, unless you can find another line of communication to those two.
  16. I recommended this, its an awesome mod. However i think the reason its not added is an incompatibility thats annoying to fix. Tell gennyb or bdubs on their comments, maybe they just haven't seen it yet and I'm wrong about the incompatibility. If they tell the developers to add it it probably will happen. They basically control all the mods added/removed, minus configs and that stuff.
  17. Thanks anonymous, I'll check this out too. Remember Im going to make a decision when more people comment.
  18. Well, I'm specifically looking for some attributes that I can't really find there.
  19. I'll start considering options once there are more comments. Thanks for the offer, Ill add you asap.
  20. First off, staff, if this is in the wrong place please move it, no hard feelings, thanks. My old server's kinda dying, which is sad. I liked it a lot, but one thing that annoyed me is the influx of people that came on for one day then left, or teamed with you then scammed you. Now, I'm looking for a small whitelist server with some slots open. The ones I have found are either full or don't appeal to me. I want a nice community, few banned items, and an opportunity to become staff/help out, as I did on my old server. Thanks in advance. If you want me to, I will make an application
  21. Dragons are weird: They teleport and jitter while flying. Ps: Clicking the egg destroys/hatches it, even in protected areas. This is annoying as hell, since it is also an OP altar foci for Witchery. It would be less trolly if eggs could only be hatched by redstone signal or heat (i.e.-a fir near it.)
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