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  1. I have no idea if Voltz is still even alive. I probably missed a post, but is this update ever coming? Sorry for my stupidity. : P
  2. Alright, wil do.
  3. Hi, I wasn't able to find a crash report, but I looked at the console, and saw that a lot of issues seemed to be stemming from Galacticraft Core. I think it said something about a pack mcmeta file missing. Thanks, KingofthePigs_
  4. Hi, So I haven't played Tekkit in quite a while, and the last time i played, I made an awesome factory. But, after the 1.2.9e update, I copied over all my worlds, and loaded one. The game froze for a moment, then returned to the menu. I tried loading it again, but this time, it crashed! It would stay on that dirt block screen, and not load, and when you clicked, it crashed. The first time I loaded the game, I did notice some ID conflicts the very first time i loaded the world. But, my factory was pretty awesome, and I would like it back! Thanks, KingofthePigs_