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  1. Age: 19 IGN: XxSaRobz09xX Skype: It's private, if I get on the server and it looks trust-able I will give you it Youtube Channel (If you have one): Nope how often will you play on the server? 2-4 hours a day are you willing to play fair? Yep, the rules are easy to follow!
  2. My IGN is XxSaRobz09xX The server and rules look fair and cool! I am 19 Looking forward for you're reply!
  3. Same with me, I'm starting to lose interest in the server!
  4. I got rejected, maybe because of the Skype:( I hate it how Skype is required for loads of servers, it brings my possibilities down too much! Good luck for the server and the future anyway!
  5. I'm just saying that you should not be embarrassed about you're age, it's okay if you want it private, I was just giving you a good tip. And yes, I do know what "Private" means, here you go... https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=private%20meaning
  6. Application: IGN: XxSaRobz09xX Location: UK Age: 19 Skype: I only use Skype for business, might make a separate Skype account for games one day! Why you want to join: The rules are fair and the server looks fun! Also, I'm happy that the server is getting a good amount of attention replies since it went on the forums! How experienced are you at the mods: I only started playing AotBT a month ago but I played FTB before that so I am quite familiar with some of the mods What mod are you best at: Thermal Expansion!
  7. I'm leaving the server, it is not that good, no welcoming, no help, getting ignored all the time...
  8. Tell us about yourself! IGN: XxSaRobz09xX First Name: Sebastien Skype: I haz Age: 19 What you enjoy doing in AotBT: Messing around with the wonderful mods such as Galacticraft or Witchery! Most importantly write a paragraph: I've been on a long adventure on the forums for a few says searching for a good server to play on that has no mods removed such as Galacticraft. This server looks quite good and hopefully there is a good around of friendly people on that I can play with. My goal is to get into the mods such as Galacticraft and blast of the the moon and get some CHEESE! By the way
  9. Well I'm quitting the server, It's not even 24/7, it is only online when he is online... Edit - NOOOOOO, IM STAYING! Looll :-)
  10. Hmmm, I cant seem to connect, it says Connection refused:connect. After I checked with the problem on the internet, it says that the port must be closed in order to have this error. After finding this, I went onto http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ and entered the IP and the port and it said that the port is closed, which also means that the server is not 24/7 server and it is only online when you are online. If it's going to be like this, I might leave and find another server...
  11. Ign(In-game name): XxSaRobz09xX Age: 19 Do you have any experience playing Attack of the B-Team?: I've only been playing it for a month but I was playing FTB before that so I am familiar with quite a few of the mods! Do you acknowledge that cheating stealing and greafing will get you removed from the server?: Yes, that's why I never do it and I have never been banned! Do you have skype?(if so put down your username or message me it): Sorry no I only use that for work but I might make a separate account if Skype is important for the server! Will you listen to any sort of rules that will be appl
  12. Application IGN: XxSaRobz09xX Age: 19 Timezone: UK About You: I'm 19 and I am looking for a fun and friendly server to play on, the rules for the server look fair and I like to play with a small community! Why you Want to Join: I'm just looking for a server to play on with a few other people with fair rules What are you good at in this modpack: I love to build and I'm quite experienced with the tech mods but I'm still not familliar with a few of the mods because I only started this mod pack a month or 2 ago! I switched from FTB to here! How often will you be on: 4-5 hours a day, som
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