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    I like gaming(obviously), listening to music, watching movies, going for walks, playing with my dog, and just over all trying to enjoy life.
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  1. IGN: Mavericklynch Hey I'm Maverick. This looks like a friendly community to play in. I Would enjoy being apart of the community.
  2. IGN: Mavericklynch First Name: Maverick or Mav for short. Either is fine with me. Skype: Mavericklynch Age: 23 Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I'm looking for a friendly server where I can build my little digital home without fear of having all my valuables stolen while I'm offline. I really enjoy the community aspect of playing on a server, when not being griefed or called inappropriate things by immature kids that is. Seeing what other people have thought of that I haven't. I enjoy helping newer players af
  3. ~In Game Name: Mavericklynch ~Age: 23 ~Skype Name: Mavericklynch ~Country of residence: USA ~How familiar are you with Attack of the B-Team and Modded Minecraft?: I just started playing the mod pack in June but I've learned alot about the mod from watching Generikb and BdoubleO100 play from when they first started Attack of the B-Team ~What types of builds do you usually make?: Mostly homey buildings, but I am experienting with making ruins ~How active will you be on the server?: At least a hour a day. ~Have you read and accept the rules?: Yes ~Have you played on any servers before, if so wh
  4. IGN: Mavericklynch Skype: Mavericklynch Mic: Yes Why I want to join: I'm looking for friendly group of people to play with and can have a good time. Also making new friends is always good
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