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  1. If people want to make those pvp servers or those "Assassins Creed" servers they can use the mods they need for them, not the whole Attack of the B Team modpack. I don't see why there should be Smart Moving in B Team. I prefer a white magic mod that can fight against Witchery users.
  2. I thought b team was small enough.
  3. I remember changing something in the config had this error for me too. I just got my default config on the server and it works.
  4. I can remember I used rarityofincrease 1 and I made the other ones 100. I can't check now because I'm in my bed.
  5. I know, I just can't get them going, what stuff should I use in volWindScale=, Wind_rarityOfIncrease= and Wind_Particle_leaf_rate= to make wind be here most of the time because I can't make it work or is it client sided?
  6. I never saw wind or heard it yet and I want it to be enabled, but I never see it working. What do I change to make it on most of the time?
  7. But I want to be sure that there are tornadoes and wind because I don't really see any. I don't want a 100 chance on the tornado tho.
  8. Does anyone know how to fix the can't reach server when I'm not the owner or is it his problem?

    1. MaskMan14


      Your the problem

  9. What is the problem? Other people are playing on it and I can't join. The port is 25600. I also tried to restart Minecraft.
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