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  1. Age: 13 Minecraft Name: tubsy79 What kind of server are you looking for?: A good modded server with a small community that isn't full of people trying to screw me over.
  2. 1) IGN: tubsy792) AGE: 134) What is the reason you want to join us: I wanna find a whitelisted server to play on….That good enough?6) Skype name? Theodore imeson
  3. Failure to use unbanned items properly will result in ban So, we get banned for putting a pork chop in a solar panel?
  4. How long have you been playing modded minecraft? : about 3 years. How long have you been playing Minecraft in general? : 3 years and 7 months. ish Are you old than 15 years old? *Do not give your age, just yes or no*: no Have you ever been banned from a server? : no If answer is yes, than why?: N/A Would you be able to join in on team meetings. on team speak 3 or skype?: If I have to but I prefer not to. Would you join in on community events?: depends what they are Do you have a YouTube Channel?: no If so what's your channel link & Do you plan on making videos on the server?: N/A Do you S
  5. All the best for your server but it would be useful if you put [14+] in your thread title, not really a server guidelines requirement but it helps get the message across to people who don't read the entire thread.
  6. GN: tubsy79 Age: 13 How long have you played Minecraft: Since around Dec 2011 What you like to build: I enjoy building lots of different things depending on what I need and the resources I have, ranging from dirt 1x1x3 huts to diamond 2x2x3 huts. (jk) Something about you: I enjoy tickling my dog's feet. Skype(you can dm me it): Theodore imeson Oh yeah, and I presume English isn't your first language? I have a few mistakes to point out while reading through the rules.
  7. I don't actually give two shits about this, ok? I made a suggestion, I didn't force anyone to do anything and he said he wasn't going to implement a whitelist, which is fine, however whitelisting helps prevent server grief a lot and maybe you should stop insinuating that I am the only one doing this 'insulting' and and look up the definition of hypocrite. Because of course the best way to stop a so called "flame war" is to "flame" more. I don't see closure. P.S. You don't place a comma after the connective 'and.' Also, please revise clauses. I can't take you seriously at all if you can't con
  8. ​Calm down. You obviously know nothing, you struggle to even spell! Let alone construct a proper sentence. He can do what he wants, I don't care, it's his fault if his server is destroyed by idiots of your nature.
  9. Could I suggest a mod to add? NEI. And also? I think adding WAILA harvestability into the modpack is a good idea. Adding it manually is kind of annoying.
  10. Hey! My IGN is tubsy79 and well yeah I wanna join this server. I am 13 years old and love long walks on the beach. I also love multiplayer, modded minecraft but hate how I always have to make guards against griefers and raiders and am constantly being stabbed in the back and why isn't griefing in the dictionary? Only just noticed that...
  11. If I were you, I would consider regulating this server via some sort of whitelist, otherwise your server's world will probably become wrecked quite quickly and will eventually become unpopular due to people backstabbing each other and such. However, if you want to not use a whitelist, go ahead.
  12. It would help if you put the age restriction in the title of the thread so you don't waste people's time. Don't worry though, I forgive you.
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