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  1. @EvilOwl Thank you for the invitation. I have already joined Technic's Discord server. I will look into the bot you mentioned and try to assist other players through Discord when I am able to do so. (I honestly like the forums more. Here I can do everything at my own pace. So I usually assist through the forums. Especially in Platform Pagoda section.)
  2. This post may be at a wrong place. Well that's the moderator's problem. Please link us a modpack you're trying to open in this error. (Also what kind of graphics card you are using?)
  3. It seems to be an Authentication Error. Try again and again and it will work. If not you wrote your password&username wrong. (Technic authenticates you through Mojang auth servers, I believe. You usually just need to wait.)
  4. Could you re-write everything for us? I honestly have no idea what you tried to say here. Do you have 64-bit Java 8? If not get that.
  5. Please add full log from the server where this error occured. Use pastebin to give us the log that we need to assist you.
  6. When posting logs please use sites like pastebin.com For possible solution navigate to your server's config files and find forge.cfg Edit these lines to be true: # Set this to true to remove any Entity that throws an error in its update method instead of closing the server and reporting a crash log. BE WARNED THIS COULD SCREW UP EVERYTHING USE SPARINGLY WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES. B:removeErroringEntities=false # Set this to true to remove any TileEntity that throws an error in its update method instead of closing the server and reporting a crash log. BE WARNED THIS COULD SCREW UP EVERYTHING USE SPARINGLY WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES. B:removeErroringTileEntities=false If problem isn't resolved please send a full log of the server. Also the server computer's specifications would be nice. (If the force.cfg settings wont delete those nasty entities set server's difficulty to peaceful and back to normal when you have logged in.)
  7. If you have Java 9 please uninstall it and install Java 8. Use this link: oracle.com to download Java 8 for Mac select the latest 64-bit version. If you do not have Java 9 try to reinstall technic launcher. If issue persist please provide technic logs. (From: %appdata%\.technic\logs ) (The link is to official oracle site. I am sorry if I have broken rules regarding to usage of links.)
  8. Your friend can also use dropbox, google drive to share the .zip file of the server.
  9. I am currently looking into the issue. Your modpack seems to be setup correctly. This is issue can be a conflict with another mod or just a bug with this mcheli version. Please try to use mcheli 1.0.3 (Download this particular version from curseforge) If issue persist you need to find out which mod is causing a conflict with mcheli. (By removing them one by one) If issue isn't resolved please contact the creator.
  10. Did you remember to update your modpack with this link and increase your modpack version? Also like Jaari mentioned that link is broken.
  11. it is recommended to keep a crafting station with you at all times
  12. It is currently possible to host modpack with plugins using the sponge project. It is like cauldron but newer and supported. You can just copy mods and config files from your installed modpack and place them in a new folder called Server. Then you drag and drop latest 1.10.2 spongeforge in Server folder and create a basic bat to open the spongeforge. You can find spongeforge by googling and you can find an example of the bat file by googling "minecraft bat file" just be sure to allocate enough ram for your server and port forward if needed.
  13. You need to make a .zip file out of sub folders. So don't put bin, mods, config etc in one folder and then zip them. You need to zip mods, config, bin etc into a zip file.
  14. Please add a link to your modpack.
  15. i can't find anything related to crash in your log file. Are you sure this is the real log for this particular problem? (I can only see lots of texture problems. Disable all resource packs if using them) Also the problem may not show in the log file if your operating system crashes before the minecraft can write the events in your log file. This may show that your computer/os is unstable or there is something else wrong here. Please send your computer set up (os, cpu etc) for me with a pm IF YOU TRUST ME. Also I would like to see mac logs. Open the Console from the Application->Utilities, you will see the log files. (Maybe works)
  16. Please add your modpack link and a log file (crash report.)
  17. I need to see your modpack and server files to understand this error. Could you add modpack and server files zipped nicely for me?
  18. I have never tried this but you could try to run the modpack.jar with a java runtime. (prob doesn't work)
  19. Also you can always try to use Dropbox as your host. (Just modify the end of shared link from dl=0 to raw=1 or dl=1)
  20. Check if this is your problem: If yes then update nvidia drivers with geforce experience program. If no say so and i will look at your problem more closely.
  21. Could i have your computer's specs. Also java version and you could add Fastcraft mod to the server and client get it here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/fastcraft/files Take the latest version. Also you could change your options some more if you haven't all ready. Go to video settings Change: OpenGL fast, Fast graphics, Render distance 10 etc Then go to Performance in the video settings Fast render, Fast math, Smooth chunk loading on. Everything else off there.
  22. Looking into it. This basically means that you have client side mod installed in the server: cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Lnet/minecraft/client/Minecraft; Client side mods are usually mods that don't add any blocks or add GUI. I can spot these client mods in your server that you have to remove: CustomLanPort (not 100% sure) Dynamic lights, Inventory tweaks, journeymap, and there can be more.
  23. If you run to any problems even if they are not minecraft related i'm willing to help always!
  24. Well remove BiomesOP? I really don't have any other idea for this. Either remove mods that cause the id's to be changed or change them manually. Also depending on your base's size i could just search free id's assign them to conflicting mods and give the other id's that were in old world to mods that need them.
  25. I'm thinking moment. Could you send me your modpack link or at least link to your configs. Also could you tell me what modded blocks are changing?
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