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  1. In Game Name*:AbAqua Skype:AbAqua Do you want to be in the skype group?:Sure Age*:18 Maturity Level(1-10)*:8
  2. 1. AbAqua and I am 17 2.Nay 3. Sì 4. Three-ish years 5. I once swam across the Makinac Straits 6. I once accidentaly crashed a tekkit lite server becuase I was producing too much UU matter... Don't worry I learned from my mistakes if that could be considered a mistake
  3. AbAqua 3 years And because I want at ekkit Experiance with more freedom and trust than a normal server
  4. IGN: AbAqua AGE: 17 LOCATION: US MINECRAFT PLAY TIME: 3 years What KEEPS me playing: the endless possibilities to keep exploring especially with mods
  5. IGN:AbAqua Age:17 Experiance With AOTBT: quite a bit but generally I'm more of a tekkit guy Play Time: 6-15 hours a week
  6. IGN: AbAqua Age: 18 Story: When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see the marching band... But turns out they were mediocre and didn't really effect my life in anyway
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