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  1. Changelog: - Fixed a grammatical error in the vote broadcast. - Removed 2 unused plugins - Removed HolographicDisplays - Re-enabled the spawning of multiple mobs that were previously disabled - Improved memory allocation for increased performance
  2. The Developers of the mods would have to configure them together, it would be in the hands of both developers coming together.
  3. I suggest installing Java Environment 8, then go to Launcher Options > Java Settings > RAM and update it from 1GB to the highest you can go.
  4. Lego Star Wars I got my first PS2 when I was 10-11 and it came with nine different games, which I have not even opened 8 of them to this day. I played Lego Star Wars for hours upon hours a day, and it will always hold a place in my heart.
  5. You can just look up some other players designs on other forum posts. I currently have a base in a crag biome that is 20 different levels, with windows in-between each room so it does not get compact.
  6. When you update to Windows 10, it spins Java up a little bit. I would suggest just downloading Java Run-time Environment 8, then restarting the Technic Launcher. Reply back with any further questions.
  7. Honestly, try going into processes in task manager and closing anything that does not appear to be accociated with your computer's hardware, you might have some small programs running in the background which can cause a huge FPS. Reply back if it did not work.
  8. Have you tried disabling filtering on the graphics cards? If so I would reinstall 64-bit java then reboot.
  9. Come over to bteam.coolax-gaming.com! We are one of the highest ranked servers out there!
  10. Could you possibly provide some more info about this modpack? I would like to know what theme you are attempting to go for.
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